Camozzi Cylinders

Camozzi logoWhether you're designing for a new factory build, refurbishing a conveyor system or needing an urgent replacement cylinder for a breakdown, Acorn can assist. Our expertise, coupled with our authorised distributorship status with Camozzi, will ensure you receive excellent technical help, unparalleled service and an unbeatable delivery on your cylinder order.

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Replacement cylinders made within one hour!

If you have an urgent requirement, we can arrange for your cylinders to be manufactured and delivered the very same day. Call your nearest branch now with your enquiry

Camozzi is, quite simply, the only pneumatic cylinder manufacturer who produces cylinders in the UK to any standard or non-standard stroke and is able to despatch them the very same day.

With twenty five years’ experience in cylinder manufacture, Camozzi have fine-tuned and perfected their manufacturing process to enable them to produce various cylinder types to both standard and non-standard stroke lengths - Ideal should you have a breakdown situation and need to get back up and running as soon as possible.

The Camozzi range of cylinders includes:

  • Actuators: Series 60/61/62
  • Compact magnetic cylinders: Series 32
  • Mini Cylinders and double-acting: CETOP RP52P DIN/ISO 6432
  • Compact Cylinders: Single & double-acting
  • Double-acting, magnetic piston, with double bearings and flanges
  • Rotary cylinders
  • Grippers
  • Rodless cylinders, double-acting, magnetic, cushioned and guided

Product listing:

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Brand Item code Description Stock
CAMOZZI 24N2A20A100-CAMOZZI Mini cylinder-double acting-20mm bore-100mm stroke
CAMOZZI CST-220-CAMOZZI CAM T slot reed-2 wire-10 to 110 V AC/DC-2m cable In stock
CAMOZZI 61M2P063A0150-CAMOZZI Profile barrel cylinder-double acting-63mm bore-15
CAMOZZI 61M2P063A0160-CAMOZZI Profile barrel cylinder-double acting-63mm bore-16 In stock
CAMOZZI C-41-50-CAMOZZI CAM Rear trunnion (female) 50mm bore In stock
CAMOZZI G-20-CAMOZZI CAM Rod fork end 20mm bore In stock
CAMOZZI G-25-32-CAMOZZI CAM Rod fork end 32mm bore
CAMOZZI G-50-63-CAMOZZI CAM Rod fork end 50 - 63mm bore In stock
CAMOZZI K02-60-63-CAMOZZI CAM Seal kit series 60/61-63mm bore In stock
CAMOZZI S-50-CAMOZZI CAM Clevis pin 50mm bore In stock
CAMOZZI ZC-50-CAMOZZI CAM 90 Degree swivel trunnion 50mm bore In stock
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