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Acorn stock the Camozzi range of modular FRL air treatment components. FRL's (filters, regulators and lubricators) are available for immediate despatch or from your nearest Acorn regional distribution centre.


Series MD Modular FRL Units

Camozzi's new Series MD has been designed and developed to meet the needs of a market requiring lightweight, compact and modular air treatment solutions. This new range is further differentiated by its high performance and flexibility in terms of both connection options and installation. 

Series MD components are connected together using intermediate joining cartridges whilst interchangeable inlet and outlet ports are used to provide either a threaded connection or a connection with an integrated super rapid push-in fitting. 

A solution adopted for the pneumatic connection, makes it possible to equip the same element with interchangeable cartridges, which can either be threaded, or with an integrated super-rapid fitting, both in different sizes. Intermediate cartridges can also be integrated to join multiple functions or with derivation to draw air. There are also different types of wall mounting available.

Features & Benifits

  • Large range of modular components
  • Flexibility in terms of connection and installation
  • Filter and visual blockage indicator
  • Tamper-proof system
  • Various filtration options

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The Camozzi range of air treatment products offer clean line design, compact dimensions, lightweight and easy to assemble.

Series MX filters and filter regulators also have an integrated anti-tamper solution.

Port sizes include: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1"

  • Filter Regulator Lubricator FRLFilters
  • Coalescing filters
  • Carbon activated filters and lubricators
  • Lockable isolation 3/2 way valves
  • soft start valves and take off blocks
  • Regulators and filter-regulators
  • Pressure microregulators
  • Filter-regulators and lubricators
  • Pressure guages and accessories

Product listing:

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Brand Item code Description Stock
CAMOZZI MC104-L00-CAMOZZI Lubricator-1/4-atomised oil In stock
CAMOZZI MC104-D00-CAMOZZI CAM Filter regulator-1/4-25 micron-semi auto-self In stock
CAMOZZI C104-F20-CAMOZZI 25 micron filter element (1/4") In stock
CAMOZZI C104-F21-CAMOZZI 5 micron filter element (1/4") In stock
CAMOZZI C238-F11-CAMOZZI 25 micron filter element (1/2" & 3/8") In stock
CAMOZZI C238-F12-CAMOZZI 5 micron filter element (1/2" & 3/8") In stock
CAMOZZI M004-R00-CAMOZZI CAM Micro regulator-1/4-0.5 to 10 bar-self relievi In stock
CAMOZZI M008-R00-CAMOZZI Micro regulator-1/8-0.5 to 10 bar-self relieving In stock
CAMOZZI MC104-C-25-FL-CAMOZZI FR-L assembly-1/4-25 micron-c/w flanges In stock
CAMOZZI MC1-VM-CAMOZZI Screw for assembling series MC(kit E) 1/4 In stock
CAMOZZI MX2-1/2-000026-CAMOZZI FR-L assembly-1/2-25 micron In stock
CAMOZZI MX2-1/2-FR0000-CAMOZZI Filter Reg-1/2-25m-semi auto-self relieving In stock
CAMOZZI MX2-1/2-L00-CAMOZZI Lubricator-1/2-atomised oil In stock
CAMOZZI MX2-3/8-000026-CAMOZZI FR-L assembly-3/8-25 micron In stock
CAMOZZI MX2-3/8-FR0000-CAMOZZI Filter Reg-3/8-25m-semi auto-self relieving In stock
CAMOZZI MX2-X-CAMOZZI Rapid clamps kit In stock
CAMOZZI MX2-Y-CAMOZZI kit wall rapid clamp In stock
CAMOZZI MX3-1-FL-CAMOZZI Terminal flanges - 1 In stock
CAMOZZI N208-D00-CAMOZZI CAM Filter reg-standard bowl-1/8-25 mic-semi auto- In stock
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