Camozzi Hydraulic couplings

Camozzi manufactures a wide range of high quality hydraulic couplings, including flat face couplings, quick release couplings and screw couplings. 

Flat Face Couplings

Featuring a heavy duty construction, Camozzi hydraulic flat face couplings are able to work at high pressures. They are easy to keep clean and are specially designed for minimum spillage during connection and disconnection.

Camozzi flat face couplings offer easy connection and disconnection, with only one hand required to push the two halves together.

There is also a locking sleeve to ensure perfect connection and to prevent accidental disconnection.

Camozzi flat face hydraulic couplings are commonly found in industries such as agriculture, construction and mining & quarrying.

Quick Release Couplings

Camozzi hydraulic quick release couplings offer a simple and quick connection, in a compact and lightweight design.

With an all steel construction and zinc plating, this is a coupling that can stand up to almost all industrial applications.

The specially designed “push-pull” range of hydraulic quick release couplings are perfect for use in all agricultural applications, thanks to their automatic release function in case of accidental pulls. This removes the risk of damage to the hydraulic circuit.

Screw Couplings

Camozzi hydraulic screw couplings feature a screw connection system which allows connection and disconnection under pressure. This is particularly useful in applications such as cylinders and hydraulic tools.


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