Fenner Drives Keyless bushings

Fenner Drives keyless bushings, known as Trantorque, are able to secure gears, pulleys and couplings using mechanical friction. This means that traditional keyways are not required, so the problems associated with these are eliminated.

Where are Trantorque keyless bushings used?

Transtorque keyless bushingsFenner Drives Trantorque keyless bushings are applicable to almost every industry. From the pharmaceutical & medical industry to the oil & gas industry, there is a solution for almost any application.

What are the benefits of using Trantorque keyless bushings?

Trantorque keyless bushings provide a mechanical interference fit, but with a uniform pressure distribution. They deliver a true zero backlash shaft to hub connection, and offer the ability to mount on plain shafting with a single locking nut. This single locking nut means that the bushing can be repositioned simply by loosening and tightening one nut.

Where can I buy Trantorque keyless bushings?

Acorn stock a wide range of Trantorque keyless bushings. Whatever your requirements, we can help. Contact your local branch today.

Product listing:

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Brand Item code Description Stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-12MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush.25.5mm L x12mm I In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-GT-19MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque Steel Keyless Bush-GT-19mm 6202808U In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-GT-2-ZN-FENNER FEN Trantorque Zinc Keyless Bush-GT-2 Inch Zinc Pl
FENNER TRANTORQUE-GT-3/4-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush,1 1/2in OD x 3/4 In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-GT-36MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush.70mm L x 36mm ID In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-10MM-ZN-FENNER FEN Trantorque Zinc Keyless Bush-MINI-10mm 6202700
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-11MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush.25.5mm L x11mm I In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-14MM-ZN-FENNER FEN Trantorque Zinc Keyless Bush-MINI-14mm 6202740
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-15MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush.28.5mm L x15mm I
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-16MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush,28.5mm L x16mm I In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-5/8-ZN-FENNER FEN Trantorque Zinc Keyless Bush-MINI-5/8 Inch 620 In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-6MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush,19mm L x 6mm ID In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-8MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush,22mm L x 8mm ID In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-8MM-ZN-FENNER FEN Trantorque Zinc Keyless Bush-MINI-8mm 6202680
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-9MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush.22mm L x 9mm ID In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-17MM-ST-FENNER TTQM1732 Trantorque steel OE 17mm In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-18MM-ST-FENNER TTQM1832 Trantorque steel OE 18mm In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-19MM-ST-FENNER TTQM1932 Trantorque steel OE 19mm In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-20MM-ST-FENNER TTQM2035 Trantorque steel OE 20mm In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-22MM-ST-FENNER TTQM2235 Trantorque steel OE 22mm In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-24MM-ST-FENNER TTQM2438 Trantorque steel OE 24mm In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-25MM-ST-FENNER TTQM2538 Trantorque steel OE 25mm In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-28MM-ST-FENNER TTQM2845 Trantorque steel OE 28mm In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-30MM-ST-FENNER TTQM3045 Trantorque steel OE 30mm In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-35MM-ST-FENNER TTQM3550 Trantorque steel 35mm In stock
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