Fenner Drives Eagle belt extrusions

Fenner Drives Eagle polyurethane belting offers a comprehensive range of reinforced and non-reinforced belting, for light, medium and heavy duty conveying.

Non-Reinforced Belting

Eagle non-reinforced polyurethane belting has excellent abrasion resistance and is self-tensioning, with no take-ups required. It is available in V, round and flat profiles and is perfect for light duty material transfer applications.

Reinforced Belting

Eagle reinforced polyurethane belting is suitable for more highly loaded applications, with a choice of polyester cord or tape reinforcement. It is available in round, V and twin V profiles, and can be cogged for increased flexibility.

Eagle SureConnect™

Eagle SureConnect™ is a polyurethane belting system which can be made to length using twist thread connectors in minutes, eliminating the need for welding.

Welding Kits

The performance of all belts relies on effective welding. The Eagle Butt Welding Kit, along with the Eagle Freestyle Welding Kit, provide businesses with the right tools for the job.

The Eagle Butt Welding Kit is ideal for welding all Eagle non-reinforced polyurethane belting, along with some reinforced Eagle belting. The kit includes a hot knife, a large clamp, flash cutters and cutting shears, all presented in a useful carrying case. It is available in a range of voltage options to suit your requirements.

The Eagle Freestyle Welding Kit is a cordless option, allowing welds of Eagle non-reinforced polyurethane belting without needing a socket. The kit includes a welder, flat plate adapters, battery charger, four D Cell NiMH batteries, blade release tape, cutting shears and flash cutters, all presented in a handy tool bag.

Product listing:

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Brand Item code Description Stock
FENNER EAGLE-CLEAR85QC-8MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Clear 85 Quick Connect-8mmx30M L04QC858M
FENNER EAGLE-GREEN89T-3MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Green 89 Textured-3mm x 30Mtr L04G893M
FENNER EAGLE-RED90-5MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Red 90 Smooth-5mm x 30Mtr L04R9005M
FENNER EAGLE-GREEN89-5MMX30M-FENNER Fenner Eagle Green 89 4905405
FENNER EAGLE-CLEAR85QC-6MMX5M-FENNER FEN Eagle Clear 85 Quick Connect-6mm x 5Mtr In stock
FENNER EAGLE-GREEN89T-6MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Green 89 Textured-6mm x 30Mtr L04G896M
FENNER EAGLE-GREEN89T-8MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Green 89 Textured-8mm x 30Mtr L04G898M
FENNER EAGLE-RED90-3MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Red 90 Smooth-3mm x 30Mtr L04R9003M In stock
FENNER EAGLE-RED90-8MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Red 90 Smooth-8mm x 30Mtr L04R9008 In stock
FENNER EAGLE-BLUE80EC-4MMX30M-FENNER Fenner Eagle pur belt.30m L x 4mm dia
FENNER EAGLE-BLUE80EC-6MMX30M-FENNER Fenner Eagle pur belt.30m L x 6mm dia
FENNER EAGLE-BLUE80EC-8MMX30M-FENNER Fenner Eagle pur belt.30m L x 8mm dia
FENNER EAGLE-CLEAR85-2MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Clear 85 Smooth -2mm x 30Mtr
FENNER EAGLE-CLEAR85-3MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Clear 85 Smooth -3mm x 30Mtr
FENNER EAGLE-CLEAR85-5MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Clear 85 Smooth -5mm x 30Mtr
FENNER EAGLE-CLEAR85-6MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Clear 85 Smooth -6mm x 30Mtr
FENNER EAGLE-CLEAR85-6MMX5M-FENNER FEN Eagle Clear 85 Smooth -6mm x 5Mtr In stock
FENNER EAGLE-CLEAR85QC-5MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Clear 85 Quick Connect-5mmx30M L04QC855M
FENNER EAGLE-CLEAR85QC-6MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Clear 85 Quick Connect-6mmx30M L04QC856M
FENNER EAGLE-GREEN89-A/13X30M-FENNER L04G89A Green 89 A/13 In stock
FENNER EAGLE-GREEN89-B/17X30M-FENNER L04G89B Green 89 B/17 In stock
FENNER EAGLE-GREEN89-C/22X30M-FENNER L04G89C Green 89 C/22 In stock
FENNER EAGLE-GREEN89T-10MMX30M-FENNER 4905310 Green 89 T 10mm
FENNER EAGLE-GREEN89T-12MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Green 89 Textured - 12mm X 30Mtr
FENNER EAGLE-GREEN89T-15MMX30M-FENNER 4905315 Green 89 T 15mm In stock
FENNER EAGLE-GREEN89T-18MMX30M-FENNER 4940091 Green 89 T 18mm In stock
FENNER EAGLE-GREEN89T-20MMX30M-FENNER 4940092 Green 89 T 20mm In stock
FENNER EAGLE-GREEN89T-2MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Green 89 Textured-2mm x 30Mtr
FENNER EAGLE-GREEN89T-4MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Green 89 Textured-4mm x 30Mtr L04G894
FENNER EAGLE-GREEN89T-5MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Green 89 Textured-5mm x 30Mtr L04G895M
FENNER EAGLE-GREEN89T-7MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Green 89 Textured-7mm x 30Mtr L04G897M
FENNER EAGLEGREEN89T-8MMX485MM-FENNER FEN Eagle Green 89 Textured 8mm x 485mm In stock
FENNER EAGLE-HYFEN95-GREEN-30M-FENNER reinforced polyurethane belting In stock
FENNER EAGLE-ORANGE85-3MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Orange 85 Smooth-3mm x 30Mtr L04OG853M
FENNER EAGLE-ORANGE85-5MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Orange 85 Smooth-5mm x 30Mtr L04OG855M
FENNER EAGLEORANGE85-6.3MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Orange 85 Smooth-6.3mm x 30Mtr In stock
FENNER EAGLEORANGE85-8MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Orange 85 Smooth-8mm x 30Mtr In stock
FENNER EAGLE-RED90-10MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Red 90 Smooth-10mm x 30mtr In stock
FENNER EAGLE-RED90-2MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Red 90 Smooth-2mm x 30Mtr
FENNER EAGLE-RED90-4MMX30M-FENNER FEN Eagle Red 90 Smooth-4mm x 30Mtr L04R9004
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