Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Oil Seals

Freudenberg radial shaft seals offer optimum sealing technology to suit all applications.

In order to achieve maximum service life, it is essential to protect components from the ingress of contamination from dust and dirt. It is also important to ensure that lubrication remains effectively sealed within the component, enabling maximum efficiency and reducing the chance of premature wear.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies manufacture high quality sealing solutions to protect vulnerable components such as motors, gearboxes and bearings.

What options are available?

A wide range of options are available, for example high temperature resistance, an additional dust lip, extra pressure resistance, and an outer metal sleeve, making Freudenberg oil seals applicable to every industry and application.

What do Freudenberg oil seals look like? 

Freudenberg Simrit oil seals have the initials “CFW” printed on them. CFW stands for Carl Freudenberg Weinheim. This is a tribute to Carl Freudenberg, who founded the company in 1849 in Weinheim, Germany.

Where can I buy Freudenberg oil seals?

At ACORN, we stock a wide range of Freudenberg radial shaft seals which are available for same day despatch, ensuring that you get back up and running as quickly as possible. Contact us today to find the right seal for your application.

Product listing:

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Brand Item code Description Stock
FST 30X52X10-BAFUD2X7-902-FST ** see 30X52X10-BAU3X2-902-FST **
FST 45X62X7-BABSL05-595-FST FST Oil Seal 40412956 In stock
FST 20X35X7-BAU2X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413236 In stock
FST 50X65X8-BAUM4SLX7-585-FST FST Oil Seal 40412890 In stock
FST 19X32X7-BAUX2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413643 In stock
FST 20X30X5-BAU1X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413768 In stock
FST 35X62X10-BAU3SLX2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413828
FST 80X100X7-BABSL1-595-FST FST Oil Seal 40412686 In stock
FST 50X65X8-BAU4X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413838 In stock
FST 30X62X10-BAFUD2X7-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412186 In stock
FST 35X62X10-BAFUD2X7-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412532 In stock
FST 80X100X10-BAU5X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413886 In stock
FST 10X18X6-BAFUD1-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413801 In stock
FST 22X32X7-BAD-902-FST FST Oil Seal 7217 In stock
FST 30X47X8-BAU3-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40411228 In stock
FST 45X80X8-BAU4-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40411331 In stock
FST 60X80X10-BAU4X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413732 In stock
FST 65X80X8-BAU4X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413812 In stock
FST 75X100X10-BAU5X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413429 In stock
FST 20X47X7-BAU2X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413451 In stock
FST 70X90X7-BABSL1-902-FST RSS - closed rings w/ metal cage 40411056 In stock
FST 80X100X7-BAB4FSL08-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413630 In stock
FST 12X22X4-BAF-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413006 In stock
FST 12X28X7-BAU2X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413648 In stock
FST 18X28X7-BAFUD1X7-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412556 In stock
FST 20X35X6-BAFUD1X7-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412184 In stock
FST 25X35X7-BAU2X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413853 In stock
FST 25X47X10-BAFUD2X7-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412530 In stock
FST 30X40X7-BAU2X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413263 In stock
FST 30X55X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413480 In stock
FST 30X62X7-BAU3SLX2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413244 In stock
FST 35X45X7-BA-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412131 In stock
FST 40X52X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413760 In stock
FST 40X52X8-BA-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40411302 In stock
FST 45X65X10-BAFUD3X7-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412528 In stock
FST 55X72X8-BAU4X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413891 In stock
FST 55X90X10-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413324 In stock
FST 65X85X10-BAFUD4X7-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412197 In stock
FST 20X42X7-BAU2X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413328 In stock
FST 22X40X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413232 In stock
FST 45X65X8-BAUM4X7-585-FST FST Oil Seal 40412703 In stock
FST 50X80X10-BAU4X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413795
FST 55X100X10-BAU3SLX2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413127 In stock
FST 70X90X7-BABSL1-595-FST FST Oil Seal 40413658 In stock
FST 10X20X6-BAD-902-FST RSS - closed rings w/ metal cage 40411094 In stock
FST 12X22X7-BAU1X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 49321948 In stock
FST 12X24X7-BA-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40411107 In stock
FST 15X25X5-BAX2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413840 In stock
FST 17X40X7-BAU2X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413200 In stock
FST 19X30X7-BAFUD1X7-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412559 In stock
FST 20X28X6-BAFUD1X7-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413497 In stock
FST 20X42X10-BA-902-FST FST Oil Seal 7723 In stock
FST 25X37X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 49332167 In stock
FST 25X40X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413463 In stock
FST 25X42X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413231 In stock
FST 30X47X7-BAU2X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413198 In stock
FST 32X42X7-BA-902-FST RSS - closed rings w/ metal cage 12010894 In stock
FST 35X47X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413229 In stock
FST 38X55X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413639 In stock
FST 40X62X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413227 In stock
FST 42X62X8-BAU4X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413238 In stock
FST 45X60X7-BAD-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40411326 In stock
FST 45X60X8-BAU4X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413417 In stock
FST 45X62X7-BABSL05-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412519 In stock
FST 45X62X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413752 In stock
FST 50X75X10-BAU4-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40411347 In stock
FST 8X18X5-BA-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413912 In stock
FST 20X32X7-BAU2X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413835 In stock
FST 25X33X6-BAFUD1X7-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413499 In stock
FST 28X40X6-BAB2SL05-595-FST FST Oil Seal 40412480 In stock
FST 30X50X7-BAUM3X7-585-FST FST Oil Seal 40412728 In stock
FST 32X47X7-BAUM3SLX7-585-FST FST Oil Seal 40412859 In stock
FST 38X50X6-BAB2SL-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413365 In stock
FST 60X75X8-BAB3SL-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413535
FST 6X16X7-BA-902-FST RSS - closed rings w/ metal cage 40411078 In stock
FST 80X90X5-BAOF-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412651 In stock
FST 10X26X7-BA-902-FST RSS - closed rings w/ metal cage 40411098 In stock
FST 12X25X5-BAU2X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40411108 In stock
FST 15X30X7-BAU2X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413199 In stock
FST 15X32X7-BAFUD1X7-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413627 In stock
FST 17X30X7-BAU2X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413256 In stock
FST 24X40X7-BA-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412091 In stock
FST 24X40X7-BABSL-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412994 In stock
FST 25X32X7-B1FUD1SL-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412405 In stock
FST 25X40X5-BAFUD1X27-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412531 In stock
FST 25X47X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413230 In stock
FST 25X52X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413889 In stock
FST 28X47X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413201 In stock
FST 30X42X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413409 In stock
FST 30X62X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413423 In stock
FST 32X52X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413403 In stock
FST 35X50X10-BAU3-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40411272 In stock
FST 35X52X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413202 In stock
FST 35X62X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413422 In stock
FST 38X62X7-BAU3-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40411448 In stock
FST 40X55X7-BAU3X2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413228
FST 40X60X10-BAFUD2X7-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412193 In stock
FST 45X68X10-BAFUD3X7-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412557 In stock
FST 45X75X8-BAU4SLX2-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40413426
FST 47X62X7-BAB3SL05-902-FST FST Oil Seal 40412618 In stock
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