Multi-functional Laser / Contact Tachometers from SKF

Pinpoint accuracy combined with measurement versatility.

About Tachometers

SKF Tachometers are fast and accurate instruments utilizing laser or contact to measure rotational and linear speeds.

Equipped with a laser and a range of contact adapters, they are versatile instruments that suit a wide range of applications.

Product listing:

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Brand Item code Description Stock
SKF TMRT1-SKF SKF Tachometer
SKF TMOT6-56-SKF SKF Tachometer
SKF TMOT6-57-SKF SKF Contact adapter for TMOT 1 tachometer
SKF TMOT6-60-SKF SKF Tachometer
SKF TMRT1-60-SKF SKF Tripod for optical remote sensor for TMRT 1, T
SKF TMRT1-57-SKF SKF Contact adapter for TMRT 1, TKRT 20
SKF TMRT1-57K-SKF SKF Tyre and RPM cone set for TMRT 1, TKRT 20
SKF TKRT10-ADAPT-SKF SKF Setof 3x contact adapters with mounting suppor
SKF TMRT1-56-SKF SKF Laser remote sensor for TMRT 1, TKRT 20
SKF TMST2-2A-SKF SKF Headset, heavy duty version for TMST 2, TMST 3
SKF TKRT20-SKF SKF Contact and non-contact tachometer In stock
SKF TKRT10-SKF SKF Entry level contact and non-contact tachometer In stock
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