Heating rings

SKF Aluminium Heating Rings TMBR series & SKF Adjustable Induction Heaters EAZ series

SKF’s range of heating equipment enables quick and safe dismounting of cylindrical roller bearing inner rings and covers a wide range of applications.

  • SKF's TMBR Aluminium Heating Rings are designed for dismounting inner rings of small and medium-size cylindrical roller bearings.
  • SKF's EAZ series of Adjustable Induction Heaters are suitable for frequent dismounting of various sizes of cylindrical roller bearing inner rings.


Product listing:

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Brand Item code Description Stock
SKF TMBH1-SKF SKF Bearing heater, 100-240V, 50-60Hz In stock
SKF TIH100M/230V-SKF SKF Induction heater 3.6kVA, 230V, 50-60Hz In stock
TIMKEN VHIS4001-TIMKEN Induction Heater
SKF TIHP10-SKF SKF Temperature probe, J type incl. cable and plug
SKF TIH100-Y2-SKF SKF Yoke 14x14x296mm
SKF TIH030M-HIRE-SKF SKF Induction Heater 230v Size Range: 20mm-300mm B In stock
SKF TIHCB16A-SKF SKF Circuit breaker 16A for TIH 100m/230V
SKF EAZ130/170A-SKF SKF Adjustable Induction Heater
HEATER-22ELD-BEGA BEGA - Induction Heater In stock
SKF TIH030-Y7-SKF SKF Yoke 45x45x215mm
SKF TIH100M-HIRE-SKF SKF Induction Heather In stock
SKF TMBRNU2205-SKF SKF Aluminimum Heating Ring
TIMKEN VHIN331-TIMKEN Induction Heater
TIMKEN VHIS1003-TIMKEN Induction Heater
TIMKEN VHIS751-TIMKEN Induction Heater
SKF TIH025/030-4-SKF SKF - Heater
SKF TIH070-P-SKF SKF Power print 100-240V, 50-60Hz
BEGA-HP63-BEGA BEGA - Induction Heater In stock
BEGA-PHA8-2-BEGA BEGA - Induction Heater In stock
SKF EAZ130/170F-SKF SKF Adjustable Induction Heater
SKF EAZ130/170H-SKF SKF Adjustable Induction Heater
SKF EAZ80/130A-SKF SKF Adjustable Induction Heater
SKF EAZ80/130B-SKF SKF Adjustable Induction Heater
SKF EAZC3X16-SKF SKF Power cable, cabinet to EAZ coil, three phases
SKF EAZC3X25-SKF SKF Power cable, cabinet to EAZ coil, three phases
SKF EAZC3X35-SKF SKF Power cable, cabinet to EAZ coil, three phases
SKF EAZF-CC13M-SKF SKF Control cable, cabinet to EAZ coil, 13m with c
SKF TIH025/030-10-SKF SKF - Heater
SKF TIH025/030-12-SKF SKF - Heater
SKF TIH025/030-5-SKF SKF - Heater In stock
SKF TIH030-1/110V-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH030-1-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH030-2-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH030M/110VC-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH030-P110V-SKF SKF Power print 110V, 50-60Hz
SKF TIH030-YS-SKF SKF Support yoke set - 45x45x100mm (2x)
SKF TIH050/100-6-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH060/120-1-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH060-10-SKF SKF Yoke 65x65x150mm
SKF TIH060-12-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH060-13-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH060-14-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH060-2-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH060-3-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH060-6-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH070/090-Y3-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIH070/090-Y4-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIH070/090-Y6-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIH070/090-Y8-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIH070/090-YS-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIH070-S-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIH120-5-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIH240-5-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIH070/090-H-SKF SKF Heating pad and sealing
SKF TIH070/090-SA-SKF SKF Swivel arm (complete)
SKF TIH070/090-CP-SKF SKF CONTR.PR.070M/230V090M400/460V
SKF TMBH1-1E-SKF SKF Keyboard foil
SKF TIH240-7-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIHL33/MV-SKF SKF SKF Induction Heater 15 kVA, 400-460V/50-60Hz/
SKF TIH220M/LV-SKF SKF Induction heater 10kVA, 200-230V, 50-60Hz
SKF TIH220M/MV-SKF SKF Induction heater 10kVA, 200-230V, 50-60Hz
SKF TMBH1-3A-SKF SKF Temperature probe plug set (male and female pa
SKF TIHL33-Y8-SKF SKF Optional yoke 55x55x530mm for TIH L33, TIH L33
SKF TIH220-YS-SKF SKF Support set 70x70x150mm In stock
SKF TIHL33MB/MV-SKF SKF Induction heater for non-bearing workpieces 15
SKF TIHL44/MV-SKF SKF Extra-Large Induction Heater
SKF TIH025/030-3-SKF SKF - Heater
SKF TIH070/090-0G-SKF SKF Protective keyboard foil
SKF TIH100-Y8-SKF SKF Yoke 56x56x296mm with swivel head In stock
SKF TIH100-Y3-SKF SKF Yoke 20x20x296mm
SKF TMBH1-1A-SKF SKF Logic print
SKF TIH100-Y6-SKF SKF Yoke 40x40x296mm
SKF TIH030-Y3-SKF SKF Yoke 20x20x215mm
SKF TIH070/090-Y2-SKF SKF Yoke 14x14x275mm
SKF TIH100-PMV-SKF SKF Power print TIH 100m 400-460V, 50-60Hz
SKF TIH100-Y4-SKF SKF Yoke 28x28x296mm
SKF TMBH1-2-SKF SKF Heating clamp (incl. cable and plug)
SKF TIH030-Y6-SKF SKF Yoke 40x40x215mm
SKF TIHCP-SKF SKF Control print TIH heater
SKF TIH030-Y2-SKF SKF Yoke 14x14x215mm
SKF TIH100-P230V-SKF SKF Power print TIH 100m 220-240V, 50-60Hz
SKF TIH220-Y6-SKF SKF Yoke 40x40x430mm
SKF TIH030-Y4-SKF SKF Yoke 28x28x215mm
SKF TMBH1-1B-SKF SKF Power print, 100-240V, 50-60Hz
SKF TIH030-P230V-SKF SKF Power print 230V, 50-60Hz
SKF TIH100M/MV-SKF SKF Induction heater 3.6kVA, 400-460V, 50-60Hz
SKF TIHRC-SKF SKF Remote control for TIH 030m, TIH 100m, TIH 220
SKF TMBH1-3-SKF SKF Temperature probe (incl. cable and plug) In stock
SKF TMBAG11ET-SKF SKF Heat resitant glove extreme temperature
SKF TIH030M/230V-SKF SKF Induction heater 2.0kVA 230V 50-60Hz In stock
SKF TIH030M/110V-SKF SKF Induction heater 2.0kVA 110V 50-60Hz In stock
SKF TIHP20-SKF SKF Temperature probe, K type incl. cable and plug In stock
SKF TMBAG11H-SKF SKF Heat and oil resistant gloves, one pair
SKF TMBAG11-SKF SKF Heat resistant gloves, one pair In stock
SKF TMBAG11D-SKF SKF Disposable gloves, price each - boxed in 25 (
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