Oil injection equipment

As an authorized distributor for SKF – the world’s leading manufacturer in bearing and maintenance products – we can guarantee you the highest quality products, backed by unrivalled service and technical support.

Screw Injectors

Generally used within the machine tool industry for mounting and dismounting bearings and components.

Oil Injectors and Oil Injection Kits

 Used for mounting and dismounting components including:

  • Bearings
  • Couplings
  • Railway wheels
  • Gear wheels
  • Flywheels
  • Ship propellers
  • and many more components

Acorn stock the SKF range of Oil Injection Equipment

Product listing:

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Brand Item code Description Stock
SKF LAHD500-1-SKF SKF Oil Leveller
SKF LAHD500-SKF SKF Oil leveller, 500ml
SKF LAOS09873-SKF SKF Utility lid black
SKF LAHD1000-1-SKF SKF Oil Leveller
SKF LAOS09644-SKF SKF Oil Safe storage lid tan
SKF LAOS09668-SKF SKF Utility lid tan
SKF LAOS09941-SKF SKF Oil Safe storage lid black
SKF LAOS09972-SKF SKF Oil Safe storage lid blue
SKF LAOS09989-SKF SKF Oil Safe storage lid red
SKF LAOS62475-SKF SKF Oil Safe storage lid yellow
SKF LAOS09880-SKF SKF Utility lid dark green
SKF LAOS09804-SKF SKF Stretch spout lid black
SKF LAOS09651-SKF SKF Oil Safe storage lid grey
SKF LAOS09101-SKF SKF Mini spout lid dark green
SKF LAOS09408-SKF SKF Utility lid purple
SKF LAOS09095-SKF SKF Mini spout lid black
SKF LAOS09897-SKF SKF Utility lid green
SKF LAOS06933S-SKF SKF Contents label purple
SKF LAOS09934-SKF SKF Oil Safe storage lid orange
SKF LAOS09743-SKF SKF Stumpy spout lid dark green
SKF LAOS09675-SKF SKF Utility lid grey
SKF LAOS09415-SKF SKF Oil Safe storage lid purple
SKF LAOS09958-SKF SKF Oil Safe storage lid dark green
SKF LAOS09422-SKF SKF Pump reducer nozzle
SKF LAOS09392-SKF SKF Stretch spout lid purple
SKF LAOS09423-SKF SKF Breather for high viscosity LAOS pump, 10 micr
SKF LAOS09866-SKF SKF Utility lid orange
SKF LAOS09811-SKF SKF Stretch spout lid dark green
SKF LAOS09132-SKF SKF Mini spout lid red
SKF LAOS09712-SKF SKF Stumpy spout lid grey
SKF LAOS09965-SKF SKF Oil Safe storage lid green
SKF LAOS09682-SKF SKF Stretch spout lid tan
SKF LAOS09705-SKF SKF Stumpy spout lid tan
SKF LAOS09064-SKF SKF Mini spout lid grey
SKF LAOS06940S-SKF SKF Contents label orange
SKF LAOS09736-SKF SKF Stumpy spout lid black
SKF LAOS09194-SKF SKF Mini spout lid yellow
SKF LAOS09699-SKF SKF Stretch spout lid grey
SKF LAOS09903-SKF SKF Utility lid blue
SKF LAOS09388-SKF SKF Stumpy spout lid purple
SKF LAOS06926S-SKF SKF Contents label red
SKF LAOS09057-SKF SKF Mini spout lid tan
SKF LAOS09835-SKF SKF Stretch spout lid blue
SKF LAOS09071-SKF SKF Mini spout lid purple
SKF LAOS09729-SKF SKF Stumpy spout lid orange
SKF LAOS09118-SKF SKF Mini spout lid green
SKF LAOS09798-SKF SKF Stretch spout lid orange
SKF LAOS09088-SKF SKF Mini spout lid orange
SKF LAOS09910-SKF SKF Utility lid red
SKF LAOS09828-SKF SKF Stretch spout lid green
SKF LAOS06902S-SKF SKF Contents label yellow In stock
SKF LAOS62499-SKF SKF Stretch spout hose extension
SKF LAOS09125-SKF SKF Mini spout lid blue
SKF LAOS09750-SKF SKF Stumpy spout lid green
SKF LAOS09774-SKF SKF Stumpy spout lid red In stock
SKF LAOS62568-SKF SKF High viscosity LAOS pump
SKF LAOS64936-SKF SKF Stumpy spout lid yellow
SKF LAOS09224-SKF SKF Oil Safe 1,5 ltr drum
SKF LAOS09842-SKF SKF Stretch spout lid red
SKF LAOS67265-SKF SKF Stumpy Spout hose extension
SKF LAOS63571-SKF SKF Oil Safe 2 ltr drum
SKF LAOS09767-SKF SKF Stumpy spout lid blue
SKF LAOS06919S-SKF SKF Contents label tan
SKF LAHD1000-SKF SKF Oil leveller, 1000ml
SKF LAOS06964S-SKF SKF Contents label grey
SKF LAOS62437-SKF SKF Stretch spout lid yellow
SKF LAOS62451-SKF SKF Utility lid yellow
SKF LAOS06988S-SKF SKF Contents label blue
SKF LAOS62567-SKF SKF Pump (to fit Oil Safe utility cans)
SKF LAOS63618-SKF SKF Oil Safe 5 ltr drum
SKF LAOS63595-SKF SKF Oil Safe 3 ltr drum
SKF LAOS06995S-SKF SKF Contents label black
SKF LAOS66251-SKF SKF Oil Safe 10 ltr drum In stock
SKF LAOS06971S-SKF SKF Contents label dark green
SKF LAOS06957S-SKF SKF Contents label green In stock
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