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The disc couplings strengths are in its simple assembly and few moving parts which reduce the risk for coupling failure and backlash.  The disc coupling utilises thin stainless steel disc springs that allow for a substantial amount of shaft misalignment while remaining rigid under torsional loads.  Disc couplings feature a balanced design allowing for smooth operation at speeds up to 10,000 rpm.  Screws are used to mount the disc springs to maintain constant zero-backlash performance.

Ruland Disc Coupling

Single disc couplings comprise of two anodized aluminium hubs and multiple flat stainless steel disc springs.  The single disc coupling is best suited to applications with space restrictions that require precise positioning.

Double disc couplings consist of two anodized aluminium hubs, two sets of multiple flat stainless steel disc springs, and a centre spacer. This design allows each disc set to bend individually to accommodate all types of misalignment including parallel. Centre spacers are available in anodized aluminium or insulating acetal for electrical isolation.

Features and benefits

  • Available in single disc style for a compact design or double disc style for higher misalignment capabilities.

  • Anodized aluminium hubs for low inertia.
  • Balanced design for reduce vibration and support of higher rpm.
  • To maintain consistent zero backlash performance, screws (as opposed to rivets) are used to mount the disc springs.
  • Special designs available for customised torque and misalignment capabilities.
  • Metric, imperial and imperial-to-metric bores are available with or without keyways.
  • Thin stainless steel disc springs provide for long life and accommodate large amounts of misalignment.
  • Centre spacers on double disc couplings are available in anodized aluminium for increased torque capacity or insulating acetyl for electrical isolation.

Custom designs can also be manufactured such as stainless steel disc couplings, extra disc springs for stiffness, extended length of centre spacer, special bore sizes and geometry, special lengths, widths and outside diameters and special material and hardware requests. These, and many other special designs have been manufactured by Ruland. Speak to our coupling specialist to discuss your requirements.

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