Bob Wright Couplings & Drives Product Manager

I am responsible for:

  • Sales of specialised equipment allied to our couplings division
  • Technical support on coupling & drive products
  • Product identification
  • Supplier liaison
  • Product training


“It’s always good to talk to someone who knows exactly what you need and that's where Acorn North East excels”

Stewart Gordon

I have extensive experience across many industries, laterally in power transmission including; electric motors, geared motors, gearboxes and couplings.

My experience covers both UK distribution and worldwide markets. This experience equips me well to give both technical and commercial advice on the best equipment for a given application. 

For most applications I can assist either over the telephone, email or by checking a sample products.

My experience, together with Acorn’s approach to efficiency & distribution techniques, will make our dedicated coupling centre the number one choice for solving application issues and providing the right solution every time.

Contact me for:

  • Technical/commercial advice on couplings
  • Product supply & specification
  • Advice on interchangeability of couplings