Square flange split housings

What are square flange split housings?

Square flange split housings provide an easy method of mounting a split roller bearing against a horizontal or vertical surface, without needing to dismantle surrounding equipment for installation, inspection or maintenance. This means that there is no plummer block mounting bracket required, reducing the bearing support distance on the shaft, and the bending deflection.

Where are square flange split housings used?

Square flange split housings are used across almost every industry, and are even suitable for use in abrasive or wet conditions such as the recycling industry.

Square flanges are used for the most compact application designs.

Where can I buy square flange split housings?

ACORN supply a range of Cooper Square Flange Housings, including bespoke sizes.

Cooper square flanged split bearing unit shown in dusty conditions on a grain elevator

Product listing:

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Brand Item code Description Stock
COOPER DF03-COOPER Square Flange Unit (Housing)
COOPER DF02-COOPER Square Flange Unit (Housing)
COOPER DF04-COOPER Square Flange Unit (Housing)
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