What are the benefits of two-piece shaft collars?

Convenient fitting and removal

The split two-part design of this shaft collar means that no dismantling of surrounding equipment is required for fitting or removal. This reduces both labour requirements and downtime, as well as reducing the risk of worker injury. 

Even distribution of clamping forces

Two-piece shaft collars use the seating torque of their screws to deliver a superior clamping force on the shaft. This is applied as a uniform distribution of force around the shaft, without causing damage. 

Indefinitely adjustable

These shaft collars are easy to remove, as well as being indefinitely adjustable. This helps to save time and resources, as well as preventing damage to the shaft and surrounding equipment. 

No shaft damage

Two-piece shaft collars, unlike their set screw cousins, do not cause any damage to the shaft. They are held onto the shaft with a tight clamping fit, rather than by screwing into the shaft. 

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