6 Reasons to Choose an Omega Coupling

The Omega Coupling is a flexible tyre coupling from Rexnord that can be used on many applications, most commonly compressors and industrial fans. But why should you choose this coupling for your application?

Vibration Dampening

The Omega coupling has outstanding vibration dampening properties, helping to protect surrounding equipment from vibration. It also provides excellent protection from shock loads. This can dramatically increase the service life of components that would otherwise be negatively impacted by vibration levels and shock loads.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Lubrication is not required for the Rexnord Omega coupling, making it virtually maintenance free. This saves both time and money for the business, whilst also making the coupling suitable for fitting in hard to reach areas where regular maintenance would be a challenge.

Material Flexing Design

The material flexing design of the Omega coupling means that visual inspection of the component can easily be carried out during operation. This reduces time spent performing maintenance, allowing the business to continue at full productivity.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

The element of the Omega coupling has an innovative split-in-half design, allowing for easy installation and maintenance. This also means that the element can be replaced in situ, reducing the risk of surrounding equipment damage during disassembly.

Polyurethane to Metal Bond

Mechanically clamped designs typically have problems with assembly and slippage. The polyurethane to metal bond of the Rexnord Omega coupling eliminates these problems.

Wide range

Omega Couplings come in a wide range of different styles to suit specific applications, ensuring your machinery lasts for its optimum lifespan. Variations include:

Orange tyre – General Purpose

Green tyre – Hydrolytically Stable Urethane for high humidity and hot environments.

Yellow tyre – For heavy duty applications, providing 25% more torque capacity.

Green tyre with metal jacket – High humidity environments for the Food & Beverage industry with stainless steel hardware available.

Our dedicated Couplings & Drives Division, are on hand to provide you with expert solutions for your applications.



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