SKF's Free TMFT36 Fitting Tool Kit Offer has been extended

Free SKF Fitting Tool Kit

Purchase an SKF bearing heater and claim your FREE TMFT36 Bearing Fitting Tool Kit worth over £370!

The Free fitting tool kit is only available when one of the following bearing heaters is purchased

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The SKF TMFT 36 kit is designed for quick and precise mounting of bearings, while minimising the risk of bearing damage. The right combination of impact ring and sleeve allows effective transmission of mounting force to the bearing ring with the interference fit, minimising the risk of damaging the bearing’s raceways or rolling elements.

SKF TMFT 36 Fitting Tool Kit

The kit contains:

  • 36 impact rings
  • 3 impact sleeves
  • dead-blow hammer
  • packed in a lightweight carrying case

In addition to mounting bearings, the SKF TMFT 36 is also suitable for mounting other components such as bushings, seals and pulleys.

*OFFER EXTENDED - Purchase orders must be received by 31st March 2017


Once you have purchased your bearing heater, you can claim your free TMFT 36 Fitting Tool Kit by going to this SKF offer page (opens new window). Enter the details required and thats it.