Manufacturer App of the Month: SKF DialSet

The SKF DialSet App is designed to work as a tool alongside their Automatic Lubricators. The app is there to aid in working out the correct settings for your lubrication system, letting you accurately set up your SKF Automatic Lubricator! 

The app simply asks for information relating to the bearing and the environment it will be working. Criteria such as speed, contamination and temperature are requested as they may affect the amount of grease needed for your bearing. Based on the data entries alongside selecting the grease appropriate for your application means the app can give you the best settings for your automatic lubrication system.

Not only this, but the app gives you a handy reminder about greasing intervals and contamination, with tips on the best practices in environments where ingress of contamination has occurred.

This is a great tool for the engineer with limited time to allocate to maintenance of bearings - the lubricator can be set to lubricate for up to 12 months before replacement is required. With the correct settings, the lubrication system also supplies bearings with the optimum amounts of grease - thus eliminating damage from over or under greasing. This in conjunction with the DialSet app can save valuable time and money from both a reduction in time spent on greasing bearings, and potential reduced downtime from unnecessary damage caused from incorrect maintenance.

The SKF DialSet App is available form The AppStore and Google Play.


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