Manufacturer App of the Month: SKF Seal Select App

Similar to the SKF Bearing Calculator, the SKF Seal select App helps with the seal selection process depending on the application parameters users input. The app currently offers selection tools for Speedi-sleeves, V-ring seals and radial shaft seals for specific applications from their seal range.

We think that this App is the perfect complimentary software for the range of Bearing based apps SKF currently offer, as it is essential to ensure your bearings are efficiently sealed to ensure their optimum life span. Often selecting a budget seal is the first and only thought that may go through your mind, however choosing the right seal lip contact and material against harsh fluids will ultimately pay dividend.

In order to select your sealing solution, the app simply asks you to input data from either the application it will be used on, the shaft size or the bearing/housing dimensions. Just a little attention to the speed of the shaft and  pressures potentially present.   This will then show you a list of the most suited seals for your application, with the option to compare seals to ensure your choice is the most effective for your bearings.

The SKF Seal Select App is available on the AppStore and Google Play.