XPA 1120, Protorque, Rubber, Raw edge cogged wedge belt

1120mm Datum Length, 12.7mm Section Width, 10mm Section Height

Brand Protorque
Mfr Part No. XPA1120
Acorn Code XPA1120-PROTORQUE
Performance Good

Cogged raw edge wedge belts offer a higher power capacity, compared to wrapped wedge or classical v-belts, due to their higher coefficient of friction and deeper cross section. They are also more flexible, thanks to the molded teeth, smooth running and more wear-resistant. These belts are well suited to a variety of industries, such as mining & quarrying where they can be used in crushers, recycling machinery, construction and agricultural applications such as harvesting equipment.


Product Attributes
Manufacturer Product Code XPA1120
Basic Reference XPA 1120
Basic Product Description Raw edge cogged wedge belt
Perfomance Good
Metric/Imperial Metric
Material Rubber
Datum Length (Ld) (mm) 1120
inside Length (Li) (mm) 1080
Outside Length (La) (mm) 1137
Section Width (w) (mm) 12.7
Section Height (h) (mm) 10
Weight (kg) 0.125

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