Eagle NRG timing belts

Goodyear Eagle NRG™ Timing Belts are a powerful innovation in synchronous belt technology.

Eagle NRG's patented Helical Offset Tooth (H.O.T.) design merges belt and sprocket into the quietest, smoothest and one of the most compact synchronous drive packages available. The result is a continuous rolling tooth engagement that reduces vibration and improves the overall efficiency of your drive system.

Eagle NRG produces a powerful 98% efficiency rating - an impressive 5% higher than typical v-belt drives. That translates into immediate energy savings. But the savings really add up when Eagle NRG is applied to high-energy consuming drives that run 24 hours a day.

Benifits of Goodyear's Eagle NRG™ belts

Advantages over v-belts:

  • Reduce downtime & maintenance costs
  • No stretch
  • Eliminates retensioning
  • Lower belt tension/reduced bearing loads
  • High mechanical efficiency
  • No slippage

Advantages over chain:

  • Reduced noise
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs
  • No stretch
  • Eliminates lubrication system
  • No corrosion
  • Wider speed range
  • Longer service life
  • Greater precision

The Eagle NRG colour spectrum system makes it the easiest synchronous drive system to install. The part numbering system for Eagle NRG™ Timing Belts includes a letter that corresponds to the colour of the branding on the belt. ("Y" for Yellow, "W" for White etc.) Each colour defines a particular tooth pitch and belt width. Match the colours and you've matched the correct belt and sprocket.

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