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Temperature can be an early indication of a problem within a bearing or other component, when excess heat is generated during operation. Monitoring the temperature of components is easy with SKF’s range of thermometers.

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What is the SKF range of thermometers?

General-purpose Thermometer Pen TMTP 200

Accurate temperature measurement in general industries

The SKF general purpose Thermometer Pen is a user-friendly, durable pocket size thermometer. Its sturdy flexible probe tip provides effective surface contact for accurate temperature measurement.

Digital Contact Thermometer TKDT 10 

A wide temperature measurement range and has the option to accommodate up to two SKF temperature probes.

Can be used with an optional second SKF temperature probe enabling either probe temperature, or the temperature difference between the probes, to be displayed.


An infrared thermometer that’s an essential tool for every technician

Maximum temperature always shown; helps identify the real hotspots


An infrared and contact thermometer offering versatile temperature measurement options

User selectable, multiple temperature measurement modes including: maximum,
minimum, average, differential and probe/ infrared dual display, scan function


An infrared and contact temperature thermometer with a wide measurement range and dual laser sighting. 

Non-contact Thermometer TMTL 500

Measuring temperature at a safe distance

Lightweight and compact, the Non-contact Thermometer utilises an advanced class II laser beam for accurate aiming and an infrared detector for measuring temperature.

Infrared Thermometer CMAC 4200-SL

Measuring wide temperature range at safe distance

The SKF Infrared Thermometer CMAC 4200-SL with laser sighting is a rugged, easy to use portable non-contact thermometer. Ideal for a broad range of maintenance tasks, the CMAC 4200-SL may be connected directly to SKF’s portable data collectors for quick, accurate recording of temperatures.

Advanced Infrared and Contact Thermometer TMTL 1400K

Versatility in temperature measurement

The TMTL 1400K combines the flexibility of an infrared thermometer with the facility of a contact thermometer. An object’s temperature can be measured using an infrared detector or a probe, making it ideal for situations where accurate temperature measurement is necessary and the emissivity of an object is unknown.

Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer TMTL 2400K

Advanced infrared and contact temperature measurement

The SKF Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer TMTL 2400K can be used as both a contact and non-contact thermometer. The object’s temperature can be measured using an infrared detector or a probe.

Lightweight and compact, the TMTL 2400K can safely measure the temperature of hot, hazardous or hard-to-reach objects without contaminating or damaging the object’s surface.

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