Grease guns

A comprehensive range of grease guns are available by the leading manufacturer SKF

Acorn offer the SKF range of Grease Guns and bearing packers to suit differing applications. The SKF range includes:

  • Battery Driven Grease Gun TLGB 20
  • Grease Guns 1077600 and TLGH 1
  • One Hand Operated Grease Gun LAGH 400

Product listing:

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Brand Item code Description Stock
SKF TLGB20/110V-SKF SKF Battery driven grease gun (110V charger)
SKF LAGG180AE-SKF SKF Air-operated grease pump for 180kg drums, stat In stock
SKF 729107-SKF SKF Nipple for 729124
SKF LAGG18AE-3-SKF SKF 3419271-SET21
SKF LAGM1000E-SKF SKF Grease meter, 0 - 1000 ccm/min In stock
SKF LAGG18AE-2-SKF SKF 3419110 Spare part set no. 11 for LAGG 18AE (
SKF LAGE250/WA2-SKF Obsolete 2014 See Tlsd250
SKF 226402-1-SKF SKF Gauge nipple for adapter block In stock
SKF 1014357A-SKF SKF Nipple G1/8 - G1/4 300MPa
SKF 1018220E-SKF SKF Nipple G1/4 - G1/4 400MPa
SKF TMJL100-5-SKF SKF Gauge nipple for digital pressure gauge THGD 1
SKF LAGT180-SKF SKF Grease trolley for 180kg drums
SKF TLGB20-5-SKF SKF Charger 220-240V for battery driven grease gun
SKF 729108-SKF SKF Pressure gauge nipple for 729124
SKF LAGF50-SKF SKF Manual filler pump for 50kg drums In stock
SKF 1077600-2-SKF SKF Manchet for grease gun
SKF 227963/100MPA-SKF SKF Nipple for extension pipe 227964/100MPa
SKF 226400E-2-SKF SKF Oil filter nipple for 226400 E
SKF THKI-2-SKF SKF Nipple Set for THKI series
SKF LAGG50AE-SKF SKF Air-operated grease pump for 50kg drums, stati
SKF 1077600-3-SKF SKF Filling nipple for grease gun
SKF 920100B-2-SKF SKF Nipple oil reservoir
SKF TLGB20-1-SKF SKF Carrying strap for battery driven grease gun
SKF 1009030E-SKF SKF Nipple G1/4 - G3/4 400MPa
SKF 729146-SKF SKF Nipple G1/2 - G3/4 300MPa
SKF THAPE-9-SKF SKF THAP..E series Connection nipple assembly
SKF 1077597-1-SKF SKF Filter nipple 90° for oil injector 226400
SKF 1077597-SKF SKF Filter nipple for oil injector
SKF 1077456/100MPA-SKF SKF Nipple M8-M6 100MPa
SKF LAGG18M-SKF SKF Manual grease pump for 18kg, portable
SKF 729654/150MPA-SKF SKF Nipple NPT1/4-G1/4, 150 MPa
SKF 1019950-SKF SKF Nipple G1/8 - G1/2 300MPa
SKF 1016402E-SKF SKF Nipple G1/2 - G1/4 400MPa
SKF 729656/150MPA-SKF SKF Nipple G1/4- NPT 3/4 150MPa
SKF LAGG400B-1-SKF SKF High pressure hose
SKF TLGB20-3-SKF SKF High pressure hose 900 mm (36in) with coupler
SKF 234063-SKF SKF Nipple for extension pipe 234064 50MPa
SKF LAGG18AE-SKF SKF Air-operated grease pump for 18kg, mobile
SKF 1077455/100MPA-SKF SKF Nipple G1/8 - M6 100MPa
SKF VKN550-SKF SKF Grease packer
SKF LAGN120-SKF SKF Grease fitting kit (120 pieces, 12 executions In stock
SKF 1077600-1-SKF SKF Extension pipe for grease gun
SKF 729106/100MPA-SKF SKF Nipple G1/4-NPT3/8, 100 Mpa
SKF LAGF18-SKF SKF Manual filler pump for 18kg drums
SKF TLGB20-6-SKF SKF Charger 110V for battery driven grease gun
SKF 1077454/100MPA-SKF SKF Nipple for extension pipe 1077454/100MPa
SKF 1012783E-SKF SKF Nipple G3/8 - G1/4 400MPa In stock
SKF 228027E-SKF SKF Nipple G3/4 - G1/4 400MPa
SKF 729655/150MPA-SKF SKF Nipple G1/4- NPT 3/8 150MPa
SKF 1008593E-SKF SKF Nipple G3/8 - G3/4 400MPa
SKF TLGB20-4-SKF SKF Grease tube assembly for battery driven grease
SKF 1018219E-SKF SKF Nipple G1/4 - G3/8 400MPa
SKF 226402-2-SKF SKF O-ring for adapter block gauge nipple
SKF 1009030B-SKF SKF Nipple G1/8 - G3/8 300MPa
SKF 729832A-SKF SKF Quick connection nipple G1/4 150MPa In stock
SKF 1077601-SKF SKF Pressure hose for grease gun In stock
SKF LAPN12X1.5-SKF SKF Nipple 1/4" - M12x1.5 In stock
SKF 1077600/SET-SKF SKF Grease gun kit
SKF LAPN3/8-SKF SKF Nipple 1/4" - 3/8" In stock
SKF LAGP400-SKF SKF Bearing packing gun In stock
SKF LAPN12-SKF SKF Nipple 1/4" - M12 In stock
SKF TLGB20-2-SKF SKF 20V Li-Ion battery for battery driven grease g In stock
SKF 1077600-1A-SKF SKF Nozzle for grease gun
SKF 1077600H-SKF SKF Grease gun
SKF LAPN1/2-SKF SKF Nipple 1/4" - 1/2" In stock
SKF LAPG1/4-SKF SKF Grease nipple 1/4" In stock
SKF LAPN1/4-SKF SKF Nipple 1/4" - 1/4" In stock
SKF LAGH400-SKF SKF One hand operated grease gun In stock
SKF LAPN8X1-SKF SKF Nipple 1/4" - M8x1 In stock
SKF TLGB20-SKF SKF Battery driven grease gun (230V charger) In stock
SKF LAPN1/4UNF-SKF SKF Nipple 1/4" - 1/4"UNF In stock
SKF LAPN8-SKF SKF Nipple 1/4" - M8x1.25 In stock
SKF 1077600-SKF SKF Grease gun In stock
SKF LAPN10-SKF SKF Nipple 1/4" - M10x1.5 In stock
SKF LAPN10X1-SKF SKF Nipple 1/4" - M10x1 In stock
SKF LAPN1/8-SKF SKF Nipple 1/4" - 1/8" In stock
SKF LAPN6-SKF SKF Nipple 1/4" - M6 In stock
SKF TLGH1-SKF SKF SKF Grease gun In stock
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