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HVAC Fan & Cogged V-Belt

Choosing The Right V-Belt Drive For Your HVAC Fan Application

Fans are one of the most commonly found devices in the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industry, tasked with maintaining a continuous flow of air through the use of rotor and impellor blades.

Thomas Regout telescopic rails

New Linear Partnership for Acorn

ACORN has secured a new partnership with leading linear manufacturer, Thomas Regout, to distribute their full range of telescopic linear rails.

Bearings & Maintenance product manager Clive Simkins holding his Employee of the month certificate

Clive Simkins has been presented with March’s Employee Of The Month award

Clive Simkins has worked at Acorn for over a decade, after joining the business in November 2006 as Acorn’s Bearing and Maintenance Product Manager. Prior to joining Acorn, Clive racked up over 18 years of experience at SKF, the world’s leading bearing manufacturer.

SKF Authenticate app

Featured App of the Month: SKF Authenticate

Do you think you may have a counterfeit SKF product?

The Ultimate Checklist For A Problem-Free Caravan Holiday

Our bearing and maintenance product expert, Clive, has put together a checklist so that you can make sure your holiday runs as smoothly as possible!

Canning factory production line

Taking The contamination out of lubrication: Lubricant safety for the Food and Beverage industry

Lubrication is a major challenge within the food and beverage industry. Frequent high-pressure washdowns mean that lubrication is often washed out of the bearings and re-lubrication is required on a regular basis.

SKF TLMP multipoint automatic lubricator system

SKF Launches TLMP Series Multipoint Automatic Lubricator

A new multipoint automatic lubrication system, designed to ensure the effective lubrication of application components, and improve worker safety

Maintenance Engineer checking data from the new SKF Multilog IMx-8 on his smartphone

Introducing Multilog IMx-8 by SKF – A Cost-Effective Option For Monitoring Machine Health

SKF has launched a new 8-channel model of their popular Multilog IMx condition monitoring system, designed to suit a multitude of applications.

Optimising the Life of Industrial Pumps

There are many ways to improve pump reliability, although individual application requirements need to be taken into consideration in order to determine the most suitable method.

Simon prepares for the WCB Boxing event in aid of Cancer Research

Would you put yourself through the pain?

Simon Beatson competes in the WCB Ultra White Collar Boxing match to raise money for Cancer Research