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ACORN's Dedicated Linear Motion & Automation Division experts are on hand to assist with product identification & specification and can support you from design to production. ACORN are authorised distributors and stockists for world class linear & automation manufacturers. These manufacturers offer the breadth of product that allows us to offer you the right Linear solution.

As authorised distributors and stockists for Leading Linear and Automation manufacturers, we can support you with component supply or full Automation solutions. This enables us to provide you with the most suitable linear solution for your needs.

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Our linear motion products

Our linear motion brands

  • Ewellix
  • IKO
  • Nadella
  • NB
  • NSK
  • Bosch Rexroth
  • Rollon
  • SYK
  • THK
  • Zimmer

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Applications of Linear Motion Systems

High precision Linear Motion Systems are fundamental elements required to ensure accurate, precise and long-lasting automation across a wide range of industries. Used to create automation machinery with exceptional performance, very low scrap rates and long service intervals for a variety of applications and environments. Here are a few examples:


In manufacturing, linear motion systems are used in assembly lines, CNC machines, and robotic arms. The high accuracy, high performance systems enable precise positioning and movement of parts in pick and place systems, assembly and processing machinery requiring precise load control in demanding applications.


In robotics, linear motion systems can be used in end effectors and tooling to ensure the precise handling and manipulation of the moved parts. Linear Axis or lifting columns can be used to give the Robot a 7th Axis of movement, adding greater flexibility, productivity and performance to any robotic installation.


In transportation, linear motion systems can be used in automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and all types of transport for critical mechanical guidance systems that require reliable smooth and controlled movement.


Selection Guide for Linear Motion Systems

Selecting the right linear motion system for your specific needs can be a complex task. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Load Capacity: Consider the size and position of load that the system will need to handle. A correctly specified linear motion system will be able to position the load with high accuracy and precision, in a controlled manner. The system will have a long life, extended service intervals and offer a high degree of safety.

  • Speed Requirements: Speed can be dangerous without a full level of control, our linear systems are capable of application speeds in excess of 10m/s offering precise controlled movements of large loads.

  • Precision: Linear systems offer an extremely high level of precision, standard ranges are suitable for simple pick and place and general automation applications but with ranges offering Ultra Precision accuracies, high precision grinding, measurement and testing applications are possible. High accuracy, robust Linear encoders can be added for extra monitoring and feedback control.


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At ACORN industrial services, our offerings extending beyond just maintenance equipment products. We are committed to providing comprehensive solution to your industrial needs including:

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What is a linear motion system?

A Linear Motion System gives controlled precise linear movement of a mass, workpiece or force in a mechanical system. It is used in a variety of applications, from manufacturing to robotics for controlling simple movements through to multi-axis handling or assembly applications. 

At Acorn Industrial Services, we offer a wide range of linear motion systems from individual components through to bespoke drive and control automation systems to meet your specific needs.

What are the most common drive technologies for linear motion system?

Ball screws and planetary roller screws are the most common linear drive systems. Linear actuators are available with belt drives, ball/roller screws and linear motor drive options. Each has its own advantages and is suited to different types of applications. Acorns linear experts are on hand to help review and specify the best solution for your application.

What is the most efficient drive system?

The efficiency of a drive system depends on the specific application and elements within the drive chain. Belt drive systems are considered to be 95% efficient, with ball screw and roller screws slightly lower due to having more contact points to achieve their far higher load capacity.

With regard to energy efficiency, electrical actuators only use energy when in use however pneumatic or hydraulic applications require a constant energy supply which means using an electrical actuator is a far more energy efficient solution.

What are the advantages of linear motion?

Linear motion systems offer high precision, repeatable and controlled movement of loads, forces, systems and workpieces. The handling, manipulation or guided movements of large masses can be accurately and safely controlled with long machine lifetimes and extended service intervals. 

Electrical and mechanical efficiency are also maximised to ensure the highest overall system efficiency. At Acorn, our linear motion systems are designed to maximise these advantages.

How do you increase linear motion?

Advantages and improvements could be made to your manufacturing process by introducing new automated solutions to common repetitive handling or assembly tasks. Higher process speeds, precision or load carrying capacity could help improve your output, scrap levels or machine versatility. 

Our experienced Linear Motion Specialists are on hand to offer expert advice, product selection and design recommendations for your automation project. Whether a new design, equipment upgrade or solution to a problem our experts are available to visit your site to offer experienced support on best solutions.