Machine Automation

Acorn has partnered with Gorman Dynamics to offer extremely high quality, high performance complete linear and rotary movement solutions.

Gorman Systems are the response to an ever-increasing demand for greater productivity, connectivity, efficiency & reliability.

All systems are designed to be ‘plug & play’ and are delivered working, tested with initial software set up and ready to go.

Gorman Dynamics recognises that, in order to achieve optimum speed, accuracy and a long life, all components and mounting surfaces need to be of the correct specification. Many of the components involved in Gorman Systems are manufactured in house; no extrusions here! In this way, mounting surfaces can be of the correct rigidity, stiffness and accuracy to enable maximum performance.

Acorn and Gorman offers a wide range of linear and rotary movement solutions, including: planar surface gantries; linear slide actuators; linear motor stages; belt and roller screw driven linear modules; electromechanical actuators and rotary actuators.

Further information about Gorman Dynamics is available from their web site: (opens new window)

Planar surface gantry

The versatile  Gorman Dynamics HG60 Planar surface gantry is a robust handling system designed for large working spaces and high loads of 12kg.

Designed for a number of high-speed machine application with speeds of 1.2m/s while maintaining production quality with an accuracy of 0.005mm.

Ready to use gantry with a unique plug and play experience greatly reducing programming and commission times

Reach up to 1400mm, with a stroke of 150mm.Load up to 12kg and speed of 1.6m/s

> Download the Gorman Dynamics HG60 Planar surface gantry technical data sheet (opens new window)

Gorman Dynamics Planar surface gantry
Gorman Dynamics Rotating actuator

Rotating actuator

The Gorman Dynamics ZU40 is a compact high precision actuator for linear and rotary motion. Designed to be combined with the HG60 gantry to give full 4 axis motion.

The fast and compact ZU40 range has feature such as payloads of up to 2kg and velocity of 700 mm/s with repeatability 0.01 mm.

> Download the Gorman Dynamics (ZU40) Linear rotary axis technical data sheet (opens new window)

Linear motor axis

The Gorman Dynamics Linear Motor axis meets the need for speed and accuracy. Speeds up to 7m/s with accuracy of I micron.

Gorman Dynamics Linear motor axis
Gorman Dynamics Linear servo actuator

Linear servo actuator

The Gorman Dynamics SC-40 linear actuator range makes automation easier with its ready to teach features.

Each actuator is factory tuned and homed for a unique plug and play experience greatly reducing programming and commission times.

The strong, fast and ultra-compact SC-40 range has feature such as payloads of up to 2kg and velocity of 700 mm/s with repeatability 0.01 mm.

> Download the Gorman Dynamics (SC40) Linear servo actuator technical data sheet (opens new window)

Belt and ball screw linear actuator modules

Nadella linear modules provide  low-cost high performance single or multiple axes  linear motion solutions.

  • Belt drive or ball screw drive
  • For high speeds and high precision requirements
  • High travel speeds up to 10 m/s
  • Overall length up to 12 m
  • Loads up to 250 kg
  • Broad product range for all applications
  • All options for the simple assembly of multi-axis systems
Nadella AXNP Belt and ball screw linear actuator module
A range of Ewellix Electromechanical actuators

Electromechanical linear actuators

Electromechanical Actuators are becoming ever more popular as a complete movement solution. These are often replacing pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders for reasons of controllability and energy efficiency.

Ewellix offers a wide range of actuators, with forces from 50N to over 500kN. These can be supplied with a suitable motor (including servo motors) as a complete package, or simply as the mechanical actuator enabling the use of a customer specified motor.