SKF Roller screws

Break out from the limitations of ball screw performance with SKF roller screws. We've compiled our top ten reasons for using roller screws.

  1. High load ratings (SR-SV)
  2. Very high rotational speed (SR)
  3. High acceleration and deceleration rates (SR)
  4. Long life at high cycling rates (SR)
  5. High reliability (SR-SV)
  6. Resistance to hostile surroundings (SR)
  7. Ability to survive shock loads (SR)
  8. Small displacements with very good repeatability (SV)
  9. Rotating the nut when speed becomes critical (SR)
  10. Frequently removing the nut from the screw shaft (SR-most SV)

Planetary roller screws

The capacity to carry heavy loads for thousands of hours in the most arduous conditions makes
SKF's planetary roller screws suitable for the most demanding applications. The robust nut can withstand shock loads and the timing mechanism ensures reliability even in harsh environments and at high accelerations; the long lead and the symmetrical design of the nut permit high linear speeds.

Examples of applications where planetary roller screw can be used:
• Plastic molding
• Broaching machines
• Valves
• Presses
• Machine tools
• The steel industry
• The tyre industry
• Automatic handling
• Military aircraft, tanks, rocket launchers, radar, ships and submarines
• The nuclear industry

Recirculating roller screws

Ultimate positioning accuracy can be obtained using the fi ne lead of SV/BV/PV recirculating roller screws. Their great mechanical advantage minimizes input torque and increases resolution.
They can simplify a complete transmission and improve its rigidity. They are often used in
applications of advancing technology where reliable optimum performance is vital.

Examples where recirculating roller screws can be used:
• Grinding machines
• Laboratory equipment.
• Hospital equipment.
• Paper making
• The printing industry
• Telescopes
• Satellites

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