Keyless bushings

Mount and install components such as gears, couplings and rollers easily with a Keyless Bushing.

A Keyless Bushing offers flexible and easy installation, while providing exceptional holding power. The unique Keyless Bushing is a prime example of offering a competitive edge for equipment design and operation. It allows components to be securely mounted and accurately positioned on a shaft in seconds without the need for a keyway. Expertly designed, it provides repeated component mounting/removal, reduced assembly time and lower maintenance costs. The keyless concept provides a wealth of benefits.

Mount components without keys, keyways and setscrews

Machining keyways or flats creates a weak spot in the shaft. A keyway does not have to be cut in the shaft, a given shaft size can transmit greater torque, or you can downsize both the shaft and components, reducing size, weight, and cost. In addition, because tolerances are not as critical as with a keyed mount, a less expensive shaft can be used. In fact, an unfinished shaft is preferred.

Keylesss units can also be used directly over empty keyways to repair a worn or damaged connection. Both "inch" and "metric" units are available, making it easy to return both domestic and foreign machinery to service quickly.

Mount hubless components

A unique feature is the ability to mount hubless components. The precision-machined outer element ensures a perpendicular, flat mounting face. This allows the use of plate sprockets, hubless gears, disc brakes, etc., often at substantial cost savings. Problem weld-on hubs are a thing of the past.

Features & Benefits of Keyless Bushings

  • Eliminates fretting corrosion, backlash and key wallowing associated with keyed mountings
  • Can be mounted directly over damaged or worn keyways
  • Functions as a mechanical shrink fit
  • Single locking nut feature
  • Fast and easy component repositioning/synchronization
  • Hex flats on outer element for installation counter-torque
  • Eliminates the need to hold shaft or block machine while applying installation torque


The Keyless Bushing can be put to work in any number of applications including:

  • Gears
  • Cams
  • Timing pulleys
  • Conveyor rolls
  • Propeller fan hubs
  • Grinding wheels
  • Use Tkeyless bushings to effortlessly mount all kinds of components

Product listing:

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Brand Item code Description Stock
RINGFEDER RFN-8006-30X35-SD-RINGFEDER 1991981 - Solid Keyless Locking Bush
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-12MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush.25.5mm L x12mm I In stock
RINGFEDER RFN-7013.1-30X55-RINGFEDER 992097 - Standard Locking Element
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-25MM-ST-FENNER TTQM2538 Trantorque steel OE 25mm In stock
RINGFEDER 7004-50X80-ECOLOC-RINGFEDER *Locking Elements
RINGFEDER 7005-25X55-ECOLOC 14994081 - Standard Locking Element
RINGFEDER 7007-100X145-ECOLOC *Locking Elements In stock
SKF FX140-19X41-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX140-90X125-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX190-110X185-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX190-140X230-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX190-155X265-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX20-110X140-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX20-120X155-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX20-130X165-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX30-150X168-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX30-35X40-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX190-44X80-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX30-48X55-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX350-25X47-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX400-150X200-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX400-95X135-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX40-28X55-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX40-38X65-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX40-48X80-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX40-90X130-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX40-95X135-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX41-160X210-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX41-28X55-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX41-30X55-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX41-38X65-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX41-48X80-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX41-55X85-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX41-85X125-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX41-95X135-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX51-20X47-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX51-22X47-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX51-38X65-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX51-45X75-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX51-48X80-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX51-55X85-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX51-95X135-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX52-20X55-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX60-120X165-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX60-150X200-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX60-170X225-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX60-220X285-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX60-240X305-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX80-32X42-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX80-35X45-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX90-14X25-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX90-20X30-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX90-35X45-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX90-40X50-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
RINGFEDER RFN4091-110X185-RINGFEDER 16993330 Ringfeder Clamp
RINGFEDER RFN-4161-150X263-RINGFEDER 16993750-Shrink Disc-Standard
RINGFEDER RFN-4161-55X100-RINGFEDER Ringfeder Shrink Disc
RINGFEDER RFN-7005-130X180-RINGFEDER *Locking Elements
RINGFEDER RFN-7012-260X325-RINGFEDER 14994133 - Standard Locking Element In stock
RINGFEDER RFN-7013.0-45X75-RINGFEDER 991996 - Standard Locking Assembly
RINGFEDER RFN-7013.1-30X55-SS-RINGFEDER Stainless Steel Standard Locking Element
RINGFEDER RFN-7013.1-35X60-SS-RINGFEDER 16994509 - Stainless Steel Locking Element
RINGFEDER RFN-7014-100X160-RINGFEDER 992208 - Standard Locking Element
RINGFEDER RFN-7015.0-120X165-RINGFEDER 1997424 - Standard Locking Element
RINGFEDER RFN-7070-15X26-RINGFEDER *Locking Elements
RINGFEDER RFN-7070-16X26-RINGFEDER *Locking Elements
RINGFEDER RFN-7075-17X32-RINGFEDER 16993666 - Mini Standard Locking Element
RINGFEDER RFN-7075-25X38-RINGFEDER Locking assembly with central lock nut
RINGFEDER RFN-8006-16X20-RINGFEDER 1991892 - Solid Keyless Locking Bush, 16mm id
FENNER TRANTORQUE-GT-19MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque Steel Keyless Bush-GT-19mm 6202808U In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-GT-2-ZN-FENNER FEN Trantorque Zinc Keyless Bush-GT-2 Inch Zinc Pl
FENNER TRANTORQUE-GT-3/4-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush,1 1/2in OD x 3/4 In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-GT-36MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush.70mm L x 36mm ID In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-10MM-ZN-FENNER FEN Trantorque Zinc Keyless Bush-MINI-10mm 6202700
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-11MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush.25.5mm L x11mm I In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-14MM-ZN-FENNER FEN Trantorque Zinc Keyless Bush-MINI-14mm 6202740
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-15MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush.28.5mm L x15mm I
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-16MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush,28.5mm L x16mm I In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-5/8-ZN-FENNER FEN Trantorque Zinc Keyless Bush-MINI-5/8 Inch 620 In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-6MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush,19mm L x 6mm ID In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-8MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush,22mm L x 8mm ID In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-8MM-ZN-FENNER FEN Trantorque Zinc Keyless Bush-MINI-8mm 6202680
FENNER TRANTORQUE-MINI-9MM-ST-FENNER FEN Trantorque steel keyless bush.22mm L x 9mm ID In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-17MM-ST-FENNER TTQM1732 Trantorque steel OE 17mm In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-18MM-ST-FENNER TTQM1832 Trantorque steel OE 18mm In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-19MM-ST-FENNER TTQM1932 Trantorque steel OE 19mm In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-20MM-ST-FENNER TTQM2035 Trantorque steel OE 20mm In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-22MM-ST-FENNER TTQM2235 Trantorque steel OE 22mm In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-24MM-ST-FENNER TTQM2438 Trantorque steel OE 24mm In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-28MM-ST-FENNER TTQM2845 Trantorque steel OE 28mm In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-30MM-ST-FENNER TTQM3045 Trantorque steel OE 30mm In stock
FENNER TRANTORQUE-OE-35MM-ST-FENNER TTQM3550 Trantorque steel 35mm In stock
SKF FX190-185X330-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX51-42X75-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX350-19X35-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX190-68X115-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX41-42X75-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX30-60X68-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF FX30-45X52-SKF SKF Keyless Bushings
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