Lubrication analysis tools

A moving component can only ever be as good as the lubricant that is allowing it to move freely. Lubrication analysis tools ensure that the lubricant is performing to the best of its ability, helping your machinery to achieve maximum efficiency.

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What lubrication analysis tools are available?

Lubrication analysis tools allow the monitoring of oil and grease based lubricants, ensuring that only the best quality products are being used to lubricate machine components. 

Until recently, it was only oil lubricants that could be analysed, despite around 80% of bearings using grease-based lubrication methods. 

Grease Test Kit

The new grease test kit makes it possible to test the quality of grease lubricants to ensure that they are performing to the best of their ability. This means that relubrication intervals can be calculated using live data, rather than just using a text book. 

Oil Check Monitor

The oil check monitor can detect degradation and contamination of oil lubrication, allowing the user to see when it is time to change the oil. 

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