Oil field chains

Subject to some of the greatest loads and harshest environments, the Oil Field Chain is a sophisticated product, and as such, can only be supplied by a limited number of suppliers.

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Oil field chain features and applications

Functioning under severe operating conditions, the Oil Field Chain is classed as heavy-duty chain and can be identified by the special crook shank pin that holds the chain together. Oil Field Chains can have multiple strands - often up to eight strands of chain.

Acorn is an authorised distributor for a number of Oil Field Chain manufacturers including: SKF and DIAMOND.

Features & Benefits of Oil Field Chain

  • Multiple strand chains
  • Operate under severe conditions
  • Only a few specialist suppliers offer oil field chains, which are available through your nearest Acorn branch


Typically used on:

  • Sludge pumps or mud pump drives
  • Engine Compounds
  • Tubular and casing draw works input
  • Transmission drives
  • Catshafts
  • Low and high drum
  • Rotary countershafts
  • Rotary tables

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