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The two main priorities for successful lubrication are accuracy and cleanliness. SKF's comprehensive range of manual lubrication tools help to simplify the application of lubricant, helping to avoid contamination and increase precision. 

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What types of manual grease dispensing tools are available from SKF?

Grease Guns

Grease guns are suitable for almost every industry. Used in conjunction with grease filler pumps or cartridges, they enable the precise and clean filling of bearings with grease. Lubricating a bearing in this way helps to prevent contamination from entering the bearing, reducing the risk of premature bearing failure. 

Grease Filler Pumps

Grease filler pumps help to ensure that contamination is kept out when the grease gun is being filled. They can be used with all types of grease. 

Bearing Packers

Bearing packers are efficient and easy to use. The sophisticated design ensures that the grease moves between the rolling elements, in order to extend the bearing life. Bearing packers feature a closed system, which prevents the ingress of contamination into the grease. 

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