Lubrication systems

SKF has used its lubrication expertise to develop suitable lubrication systems that properly feed lubrication points, thereby creating synergy between SKF lubricants and SKF lubrication systems.

With SKF’s acquisition of VOGEL and SAFEMATIC lubrication systems, SKF lubrication range now covers lubricants, lubricator equipment, lubrication analysis, state-of-the-art automatic lubricators and centralised Lubrication Systems

Centralized lubrication systems are classified in accordance with their function and type of lubricant distribution:

  • ​Restrictor systems
  • Single-line systems
  • Dual-line systems
  • Multi-line systems
  • Progressive feeder systems
  • Oil and air systems

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Product listing:

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Brand Item code Description Stock
WD40 44395-WD40 WD40 Anti Friction Dry PTFE Lubricant In stock
SKF LAOS06964-SKF SKF Bearing Lubricator Accessories
VGAA.342-922-000-VOGEL Vogel - Piston Distributor In stock
VGMA.WVN715-R04X0.85-VOGEL Tube
SKF 226270-1-SKF SKF Product
SKF LAOS06957-SKF SKF Bearing Lubricator Accessories
SKF PFE15-1.0-SKF SKF Grease Pump
VGMA.WVN715-R010X1.5-VOGEL Tube
1964KJH-ROTALUBE Lubrication System
SKF LAOS06940-SKF SKF Bearing Lubricator Accessories
MFE2-K6F-S1-299-VOGEL Lubrication Pump
SKF LAOS06933-SKF SKF Bearing Lubricator Accessories
SKF LAOS65070-SKF SKF Bearing Lubricator Accessories
SKF VGJC201-114-SKF SKF Reservoir
SKF VGKP201-114-SKF SKF Lubrication Pump
WAXOIL-1LTR-HAMMERITE wax oil In stock
SKF LAOS06926-SKF SKF Bearing Lubricator Accessories
SKF LAOS09217-SKF SKF Bearing Lubricator Accessories
SKF VL-VT437/180-SKF SKF Lubrication fitting - Vogel
SKF VGBRKFGS1-5W1924-SKF SKF Lubrication System
SKF LAOS06919-SKF SKF Bearing Lubricator Accessories
SKF LAOS06995-SKF SKF Bearing Lubricator Accessories
VGAG.SY.PSP50.57.V-VOGEL spray nozzle
SKF LAOS06902-SKF SKF Bearing Lubricator Accessories
SKF LAOS06988-SKF SKF Bearing Lubricator Accessories
SKF VGAC24-2151-3260-SKF SKF Lubrication System
SKF LAOS06971-SKF SKF Bearing Lubricator Accessories
VGAA.345-922-222-VOGEL Vogel - Piston Distributor In stock
SKF VL-GEV/180-SKF SKF Reservoir
SKF VGBL169-000-171-SKF SKF Lubrication Pump
SKF VL-GLE/180-SKF SKF Reservoir
SKF VL-VT143/180-SKF SKF Reservoir
SKF VGDV169-104-008-SKF SKF Lubrication System
SKF VGKA408-004-SKF SKF Lubrication Pump
SKF VGKA402-004-SKF SKF Reservior
SKF VGKA410-002-SKF SKF Lubrication Pump
SKF VGKP997-000-630-SKF SKF Lubrication Pump
SKF VGKA853-390-003-VS-SKF SKF Lubrication Pump
SKF VGKC408-202-SKF SKF Reservoir
SKF VGKE408-001-SKF SKF Reservoir
SKF VGKA406-004-VS-SKF SKF Lubrication Pump
SKF VGKA853-380-002-VS-SKF SKF Lubrication Pump
SKF VGKA506-140-VS-SKF SKF Lubrication Pump
SKF VGKA853-540-010-SKF SKF Lubrication Pump
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