5 reasons to choose a POLY-NORM® coupling

Easy installation

With an axial plug-in installation mechanism, POLY-NORM® couplings are easy to assemble and install, saving you both time and money and reducing the risk of incorrect installation.


Thanks to the elastic element which is sandwiched between two metal hubs, POLY-NORM® couplings dampens both vibration and shock loads, helping to protect connected equipment from damage.

Maintenance free

These couplings are maintenance free during operation, meaning that downtime is greatly reduced, and less labour is required as no routine maintenance is required to be performed. 

Fail safe

POLY-NORM® couplings are failsafe. This means that if the elastic element fails, the coupling will continue to function. This protects surrounding equipment from damage, as well as eliminating the chance of unplanned downtime.

Tolerant of shaft misalignment

This coupling is able to absorb misalignment of all types, including axial, angular and parallel misalignment. This helps to maintain efficiency, as well as protecting connected equipment from damage caused by misalignment.

To find out more about how POLY-NORM® couplings could benefit your application, contact our dedicated couplings division today.

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