KTR flexible couplings

The range of KTR flexible couplings is vast, with GEAREX®, BoWex® and POLY-NORM® all available from stock. 

Reasons to buy from us

What are the benefits of choosing a KTR flexible coupling?

KTR's range of flexible couplings is vast: from POLY-NORM® claw couplings to GEAREX® gear couplings. 

The main benefits of KTR flexible couplings is their excellent resistance to shock loads, their outstanding vibration dampening properties, and their capability for accommodating angular, parallel and axial misalignment.

Dampening properties

KTR's flexible couplings help to dampen vibration, as well as cushioning shock loads. This protects surrounding equipment from damage. 

Tolerant of misalignment

These couplings are highly tolerant of misalignment, making them ideal for applications where accurate alignment is a challenge. 

Reduced maintenance

KTR flexible couplings are lubricant-free, meaning that maintenance requirements are greatly reduced. This also reduces the amount of downtime required by these couplings. 

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