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StabilusAcorn offer the worlds leading gas strut manufacturer - Stabilus (opens new window). We can cross reference thousands of gas struts. Simply provide us with the full markings and codes from your existing Gas Strut and we'll do the rest.



Stabilus Gas Strut

Stabilus gas struts are widely used throughout many industries including: automotive, furniture, medical, transportation, motorhomes, agricultural and a host of others.

There are various different types available:

  • Non locking gas springs ~ the Stabilus LIFT-O-MAT range
  • Locking gas springs ~ the Stabilus BLOC-O-LIFT range
  • Swivel chair gas springs ~ the Stabilus STAB-O-MAT range
  • Dampers ~ the Stabilus STAB-O-SHOC range

Please download the catalogue available on this page for further details.

Product listing:

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Brand Item code Description Stock
083755-0400N-STABILUS STA Linear Gas Strut In stock
083771-600N-STABILUS STABILUS Linear Gas Strut
084093-0500N-STABILUS STA Linear Gas Strut In stock
084379-0600N-STABILUS STA Linear Gas Strut In stock
084743-0200N-STABILUS STA Linear Gas Strut
084921-1000N-STABILUS STA Linear Gas Strut
NEUTRAL 094579-0350N-NEUTRAL NEU Linear Gas Strut In stock
NEUTRAL 094579-0350N-STABLIUS Stablius Gas Strut
SKF 1307256-SKF SKF pneumatic connector M/0103897
SKF 1691TE-SKF SKF - Stabilus Gas Strut
1904LA-STABILUS *Linear Gas Strut In stock
NEUTRAL 249556-0250N-NEUTRAL *Linear Gas Strut In stock
THK 2LF30UUCL+410L-THK THK Ball Spline
THK 2LT30UUCL+390L-THK THK Ball Spline In stock
448680-0600N-STABILUS Linear Gas Strut In stock
SKF 4851DA-0150N-067/08UF-SKF SKF - Linear Gas Strut In stock
6889RF-STABILUS *Linear Gas Strut
6923VV-0080N-STABILUS Linear Gas Strut In stock
697737-STABILUS GAS STRUT In stock
7528-ED-1200N-STABILUS Linear Gas Strut In stock
9139EE-0150N-STABILUS Stabilus Bloc-o-Lift In stock
993999-0500N-STABILUS Linear Gas Strut In stock
9997RF-STABILUS *Linear Gas Strut In stock
ACC012491-STABILUS STABILUS Linear Gas Strut In stock
ACC130850-STABILUS STABILUS Linear Gas Strut In stock
ES28-MAYR Product
THK FBW2560XRUU+960L-THK *THK Linear Slide Pack
NEUTRAL G88-18-80-115-300-NEUTRAL Neutral - Gas Strut
NEUTRAL GS6-15-160-200+TDN603-NEUTRAL *Linear Gas Strut
NEUTRAL GS6-15-80-120-300N-NEUTRAL *LINEAR Gas Strut
NEUTRAL GS8-140-110-160-NEUTRAL NEU Linear Gas Strut
9595EO-0400N-STABILUS Linear Gas Strut In stock
AS22T-300-ROLLON ROL Linear - Miscellaneous
IKO BSP1540SL-IKO IKO Linear Slide In stock
0670-216-40-STAR STA Linear Bushing
NEUTRAL 082457-0300N-NEUTRAL Linear Gas Strut
SKF 083593-0300N-SKF SKF Linear Gas Strut
082481-0100N-201/4-STABILUS STABILUS Linear Gas Strut
NEUTRAL NS-FF-8-80-B6-B6-230N-NEUTRAL NEU Linear Gas Strut
NEUTRAL NS-FF-8-80-B6-B6-280N-NEUTRAL NEU Linear Gas Strut
NEUTRAL NS-FF-8-80-B6-B6-350N-NEUTRAL NEU Linear Gas Strut
1622-194-20-REXROTH REX Ball Carriage - KWD-015-SNS-N-C0 In stock
1653-223-20-REXROTH REX Ball Carriage - KWD-025-FLS-H-C2
THK FBL51H+457L-THK THK Telescopic Rail
THK 612902645010000-THK HEXAGON SOCKET BOLT M2.6x0.45x10L
083720-0100N-STABILUS *Linear Gas Strut
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