Nadella linear guide rollers

Nadella Linear Guide Rollers are an excellent solution for dirty or aggressive environments and can be found in many industries including: robotic, handler and pick & place systems, packaging, machine tools, wood working machines, assembly machines, measure instruments, electro-medical machines, print machines.

As the Sole UK Master Distributor for Nadella Linear Products, ACORN® are the UK's largest stockist of Nadella Linear Guide Rollers. Enabling us to despatch faster than any other UK supplier.

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Benefits of using Nadella linear guide rollers

In applications where there is a high degree of contamination, or other similar harsh environments, profile rail guide systems can be problematic. Contamination enters the recirculation system and commonly causes poor performance and even premature product failure. It is almost impossible to clean out this contamination once in the recirculation system. Whilst there are various seal options to help in mitigation, none of these are 100% effective in many applications. Nadella uses sealed rollers running primarily in ‘open’ rail guides. In this manner contamination cannot enter the rollers and can easily be cleaned from the rail guides. Stainless steel products and special surface treatments are also available, if demanded by the application.

Profile rail guide systems are also very demanding with regards to a suitable mounting surface and rail alignment. These requirements can be costly to implement, as a result of increased machining and installation time & difficulty. Nadella uses fixed rollers combined with floating rollers; in this way alignment tolerances are far greater than profile rail guide systems (e.g. typically 0.5-1.0mm, rather than 50 microns [50/1000th of a mm]). This can result in a considerable cost saving, as installation is quicker & much more straightforward.

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