Radicon Elign gear couplings

We stock Radicon's full range of Elign gear couplings - all available for immediate despatch. Our experienced coupling experts are on hand to provide usenful information and advice to ensure you get the right coupling for your application. We also offer competitive prices so please call now for a no obligation quote.

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What types of Elgin gear couplings do Radicon offer?

Radicon coupling

Consisting of hubs with multi crowned teeth at the flank, tip and chamfer, The Radicon Elign gear coupling is a simple, compact, light unit designed to transmit maximum power. 

The Elign's hub teeth are manufactured from high quality forged carbon steel and are subjected to a number of quality checks and tests. 

The superior quality and design of the multi- crowned tooth profile enables the Elign gear coupling to operate satisfactorily under all operating conditions with increased reliability and durability. The multi- crowned teeth are tolerant to misalignment whilst improving the load carrying capacity and minimising the level of backlash. 

Types of ELIGN Gear Couplings:

  • Type ED Double Engagement with Flange Sleeve
  • Type ER Single Engagement with Flange Sleeve
  • Type ET Spacer Type
  • Type EV Vertical Type
  • Type ES Continuous Sleeve
  • Type ERR Rigid Coupling

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