Hutchinson ConveyXonic® Belts

Hutchinson LogoChain stops are a thing of the past with ConveyXonic - The revolution in roller conveyors

Unlike chain drives, Hutchinson ConveyXonic belts are maintenance free - So no greasing, no corrosion, and no tightening or retightening required


"ConveyXonic® is the only technology capable of transporting a 2-tonne parcel"

Specifically developed for roller conveyors, ConveyXonic is an elastic belt featuring longitudinal ribs. The elasticity of ConveyXonic allows it to absorb shocks, unlike chains or syncronous belts.The belt is also antistatci and complies with ISO 1813.

ConveyXonic® is one of a kind and the only technology capable of transporting parcels weighing between 1kg to 2 tonnes.

Hutchinson's ConveyXonic® is a 6 in 1 belt capable of transporting both light and heavy loads such as pallet conveyers. It replaces the six technologies traditionally used in conveyor system (flat belt, round belt, timing belt, twisted belt, tangential and chain belt).

Benefits include:

  • Cost savings
  • Easy to use
  • Technical performance

Potential cost saving for a roller conveyor

  • Motor - A single motor is able to power up to a maximum of 50 rollers (a saving of at least 30% on each module).
  • Low purchase cost - Immediate savings.
  • Electricity - Reduction of the motor’s electrical consumption.
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