Bearing heaters

Induction heaters offer a safe and effective method of mounting bearings, couplings, pulleys and other workpieces and the most cost effective way is to hire a bearing heater. ACORN® hire out the SKF TIH030m, TIH100m and TIH220m induction bearing heaters on a day by day basis making it an extremely efficient way to fit your bearings. If you require technical assistance please contact our maintenance expert Clive Simkins

The SKF range of Bearing Heaters available includes:

  • TMBH 1 Portable induction heater
    Portable, lightweight, high efficiency heater for bearings with an inner diameter ranging from 20 to 100mm and a maximum weight of 5kg
  • TIH 030m Small induction heater - Available to hire or buy
    Compact lightweight design; just 21 kg (46 lbs), facilitating portability
  • TIH 100m Medium induction heater - Available to hire or buy
    Capable of heating a 97 kg (215 lbs) bearing in less than 20 minutes
  • TIH 220m large induction heater - Available to hire or buy
    Large heater with high heating capacity of up to 300kg
  • 729659C Electric Hotplate
    The SKF electric hot plate, 729659C, is a heating device especially designed for pre-heating batches of small bearings prior to mounting. 

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Product listing:

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Brand Item code Description Stock
SKF TMBH1-SKF SKF Bearing heater, 100-240V, 50-60Hz In stock
SKF TIH100M/230V-SKF SKF Induction heater 3.6kVA, 230V, 50-60Hz In stock
TIMKEN VHIS4001-TIMKEN Induction Heater
SKF TIHP10-SKF SKF Temperature probe, J type incl. cable and plug
SKF TIH100-Y2-SKF SKF Yoke 14x14x296mm
SKF TIH030M-HIRE-SKF SKF Induction Heater 230v Size Range: 20mm-300mm B In stock
SKF TIHCB16A-SKF SKF Circuit breaker 16A for TIH 100m/230V
SKF EAZ130/170A-SKF SKF Adjustable Induction Heater
HEATER-22ELD-BEGA BEGA - Induction Heater In stock
SKF TIH030-Y7-SKF SKF Yoke 45x45x215mm
SKF TIH100M-HIRE-SKF SKF Induction Heather In stock
SKF TMBRNU2205-SKF SKF Aluminimum Heating Ring
TIMKEN VHIN331-TIMKEN Induction Heater
TIMKEN VHIS1003-TIMKEN Induction Heater
TIMKEN VHIS751-TIMKEN Induction Heater
SKF TIH025/030-4-SKF SKF - Heater
SKF TIH070-P-SKF SKF Power print 100-240V, 50-60Hz
BEGA-HP63-BEGA BEGA - Induction Heater In stock
BEGA-PHA8-2-BEGA BEGA - Induction Heater In stock
SKF EAZ130/170F-SKF SKF Adjustable Induction Heater
SKF EAZ130/170H-SKF SKF Adjustable Induction Heater
SKF EAZ80/130A-SKF SKF Adjustable Induction Heater
SKF EAZ80/130B-SKF SKF Adjustable Induction Heater
SKF EAZC3X16-SKF SKF Power cable, cabinet to EAZ coil, three phases
SKF EAZC3X25-SKF SKF Power cable, cabinet to EAZ coil, three phases
SKF EAZC3X35-SKF SKF Power cable, cabinet to EAZ coil, three phases
SKF EAZF-CC13M-SKF SKF Control cable, cabinet to EAZ coil, 13m with c
SKF TIH025/030-10-SKF SKF - Heater
SKF TIH025/030-12-SKF SKF - Heater
SKF TIH025/030-5-SKF SKF - Heater In stock
SKF TIH030-1/110V-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH030-1-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH030-2-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH030M/110VC-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH030-P110V-SKF SKF Power print 110V, 50-60Hz
SKF TIH030-YS-SKF SKF Support yoke set - 45x45x100mm (2x)
SKF TIH050/100-6-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH060/120-1-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH060-10-SKF SKF Yoke 65x65x150mm
SKF TIH060-12-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH060-13-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH060-14-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH060-2-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH060-3-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH060-6-SKF SKF Induction Heater
SKF TIH070/090-Y3-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIH070/090-Y4-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIH070/090-Y6-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIH070/090-Y8-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIH070/090-YS-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIH070-S-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIH120-5-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIH240-5-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIH070/090-H-SKF SKF Heating pad and sealing
SKF TIH070/090-SA-SKF SKF Swivel arm (complete)
SKF TIH070/090-CP-SKF SKF CONTR.PR.070M/230V090M400/460V
SKF TMBH1-1E-SKF SKF Keyboard foil
SKF TIH240-7-SKF SKF Induction Heather
SKF TIHL33/MV-SKF SKF SKF Induction Heater 15 kVA, 400-460V/50-60Hz/
SKF TIH220M/LV-SKF SKF Induction heater 10kVA, 200-230V, 50-60Hz
SKF TIH220M/MV-SKF SKF Induction heater 10kVA, 200-230V, 50-60Hz
SKF TMBH1-3A-SKF SKF Temperature probe plug set (male and female pa
SKF TIHL33-Y8-SKF SKF Optional yoke 55x55x530mm for TIH L33, TIH L33
SKF TIH220-YS-SKF SKF Support set 70x70x150mm In stock
SKF TIHL33MB/MV-SKF SKF Induction heater for non-bearing workpieces 15
SKF TIHL44/MV-SKF SKF Extra-Large Induction Heater
SKF TIH025/030-3-SKF SKF - Heater
SKF TIH070/090-0G-SKF SKF Protective keyboard foil
SKF TIH100-Y8-SKF SKF Yoke 56x56x296mm with swivel head In stock
SKF TIH100-Y3-SKF SKF Yoke 20x20x296mm
SKF TMBH1-1A-SKF SKF Logic print
SKF TIH100-Y6-SKF SKF Yoke 40x40x296mm
SKF TIH030-Y3-SKF SKF Yoke 20x20x215mm
SKF TIH070/090-Y2-SKF SKF Yoke 14x14x275mm
SKF TIH100-PMV-SKF SKF Power print TIH 100m 400-460V, 50-60Hz
SKF TIH100-Y4-SKF SKF Yoke 28x28x296mm
SKF TMBH1-2-SKF SKF Heating clamp (incl. cable and plug)
SKF TIH030-Y6-SKF SKF Yoke 40x40x215mm
SKF TIHCP-SKF SKF Control print TIH heater
SKF TIH030-Y2-SKF SKF Yoke 14x14x215mm
SKF TIH100-P230V-SKF SKF Power print TIH 100m 220-240V, 50-60Hz
SKF TIH220-Y6-SKF SKF Yoke 40x40x430mm
SKF TIH030-Y4-SKF SKF Yoke 28x28x215mm
SKF TMBH1-1B-SKF SKF Power print, 100-240V, 50-60Hz
SKF TIH030-P230V-SKF SKF Power print 230V, 50-60Hz
SKF TIH100M/MV-SKF SKF Induction heater 3.6kVA, 400-460V, 50-60Hz
SKF TIHRC-SKF SKF Remote control for TIH 030m, TIH 100m, TIH 220
SKF TMBH1-3-SKF SKF Temperature probe (incl. cable and plug) In stock
SKF TMBAG11ET-SKF SKF Heat resitant glove extreme temperature
SKF TIH030M/230V-SKF SKF Induction heater 2.0kVA 230V 50-60Hz In stock
SKF TIH030M/110V-SKF SKF Induction heater 2.0kVA 110V 50-60Hz In stock
SKF TIHP20-SKF SKF Temperature probe, K type incl. cable and plug In stock
SKF TMBAG11H-SKF SKF Heat and oil resistant gloves, one pair
SKF TMBAG11-SKF SKF Heat resistant gloves, one pair In stock
SKF TMBAG11D-SKF SKF Disposable gloves, price each - boxed in 25 (
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