Simon Gillingham Business Unit Manager - Linear Motion & Actuation Technologies

Linear ball screws for precise linear movement and positioning

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Given his extensive experience and training over more than two decades in linear motion systems, together with his general background in Mechanical Engineering, Simon can provide manufacturer level technical advice and support on a wide range of linear motion products.  Simon has received extensive technical training, including advanced residential technical training courses, from the world’s leading linear products manufacturers. 

As a result of his experience and training, together with the wide range of linear products available from ACORN, Simon can advise on the optimum selection of products for a wide range of potential applications. Simon is more than willing to meet to discuss any linear motion application, whether this is for an actuator (either positioning or push rod type), linear motion guide, ball screw, roller screw, ball spline or linear bush. 

The commercial aspects of product selection and supply are of ever-increasing importance. Simon has a strong commercial background gained over 40+ years, working with a wide variety of organisations; from individuals to large commercial concerns and national governments. Combining this with his technical experience, Simon is able offer solutions that are both technically proficient and commercially effective.