Take-up roller bearing units

Often used in conveyor lines, take up roller bearing units are easy to fit and maintain.

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QATU13A207ST, Timken, Take-up unit QATU13A207ST,  Timken,  Take-up unit Timken

Bearing unit, DuPont™Teflon®labyrinth seals, Concentric set screw lock (Single collar), Expansion type: Fixed

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Brand Timken
Mfr Part No. QATU13A207ST

What are take up roller bearing units?

Take up roller bearing units consist of a mountable housing, a roller bearing and a sealing solution.

These bearing units are mostly found in conveyor lines, where they are used to align conveyor tracks and to tension conveyor belts and elevator pulleys.

Mounted onto a take up frame, these bearing units are easy to fit and maintain.

Benefits of take up bearing units include:

  • High level of operational reliability
  • Increased service life
  • Excellent tolerance of thrust loads
  • Good misalignment capabilities
  • Ease of relubrication thanks to grease nipple

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