Bearing units

Comprising of a bearing housing along with a bearing insert and sealing solution, bearing units provide simple and effective bearing arrangements, capable of accommodating moderate initial misalignment.


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Features, benefits and applications of bearing units

Features & Benefits

  • Low friction
  • Efficient sealing
  • Long service life
  • Easy assembly
  • Ready-to-mount
  • Ready to use
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Bearing Units are available in a broad range of inserts and housings encompassing a wide variety of styles, heavy or light duty applications and inch and metric sizes. Their reliability, simplicity and ease of assembly have made the Bearing Unit a popular choice and an ideal solution for applications subjected to moderate loads.

Available in Pillow Block, Flange and Take-up Unit housings, Bearing Units are ready-to-mount and ready-to-use - making them fast and easy to install. Bearing Units are also factory lubricated and pre-sealed reducing maintenance costs.

Applications where bearing units are used:

The bearing unit’s versatility makes it a popular choice for the Agricultural Industry and in the Construction and Aggregates industries. Stainless steel and polyamide versions are also available and are used extensively in the Food & Beverage industry.