Taper roller bearings

Acorn has a large selection of Taper Roller Bearings to choose from in both metric and imperial sizes. As distributors for TIMKEN, SKF, NKE and UBC, we not only carry large stocks in these brands, but also have access to thousands more from manufacturer’s distribution centres around the world. In addition to this, we can also supply brands including: NTN & TYSON.

Timken Taper Roller BearingsAn extremely popular series, the Taper Roller Bearings can accommodate medium and heavy combined radial and axial loads, a high carrying capacity for their minimal cross section and an optimum bearing service life, making the Taper Roller Bearing suitable for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications.

Features & Benefits of the Taper Roller Bearing

  • Suitable for all kinds of applications from low demanding to very high performance applications
  • Accommodate medium and heavy combined radial and axial loads
  • Minimal cross section
  • High carrying capacity
  • Optimum bearing service life


Suitable for a wide range of applications in both industrial and automotive, from low demanding to very high performance applications.

  • Industrial & automotive gearboxes
  • Hydraulic pumps & hydraulic motors
  • Pinion applications
  • Heavy off-road wheels
  • Screw compressors
  • Rolling Mill Bearings
  • Cranes
  • Handling equipment
  • Robotics


Product listing:

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Brand Item code Description Stock
TIMKEN JM205149/JM205110-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB JM205149-99401 In stock
SKF LM102949/910/Q-SKF SKF tapered roller bearing 45.242x73.431x20.088
TIMKEN JP16049/JP16010-TIMKEN TIM Metric TRB JP16049-99401 In stock
TIMKEN M86649/M86610-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB M86649-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 368A/362A-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 368A-9X102 In stock
TIMKEN 48290/48220-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 48290-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 748S/742-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 748S-99401 In stock
TIMKEN JM734449/JM734410-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB JM734449-99401 In stock
TIMKEN M84548/M84510-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB M84548-99401 In stock
TIMKEN HM89446/HM89410-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB HM89446-99402 In stock
TIMKEN LM501349/LM501310-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB LM501349-99401 In stock
TIMKEN L44600LA-902B2-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB L44600LA-902B2 In stock
TIMKEN 19150/19268-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 19150-9X102 - replaces 99401 In stock
TIMKEN LM300849/LM300811-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB LM300849-9X102 In stock
TIMKEN LM11949/LM11910-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB LM11949-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 08125/08231-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 08125-99401 In stock
TIMKEN M12649/M12610-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB M12649-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 645/632-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 645-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 2786/2720-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 2786-99401
TIMKEN L44643/L44610-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB L44643-99401 In stock
TIMKEN L45449/L45410-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB L45449-99401 In stock
UBC LM67048/67010-UBC UBC tapered roller bearing 31.75x59.13x6.38 In stock
TIMKEN A4050/A4138-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB A4050-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 938/932-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 938-99401 In stock
TIMKEN JL69349/JL69310-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB JL69349-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 529/522-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 529-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 2788/2720-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 2788-99401 In stock
UBC 18690/18620-UBC UBC tapered roller bearing 46.04x79.38x17.46 In stock
TIMKEN 03062/03162-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 03062-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 09067/09195-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 09067-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 09074/09196-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 09074-99402 In stock
TIMKEN HM926747/HM926710-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB HM926747-99401 In stock
TIMKEN JLM104948/JLM104910-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB JLM104948-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 02475/02420-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 02475-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 74550/74850-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 74550-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 07097/07204-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 07097-99403 In stock
TIMKEN 3982/3920-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 3982-99401 In stock
TIMKEN HM803146/HM803110-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB HM803146-99404 In stock
TIMKEN L507949/L507910-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB L507949-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 14130/14276-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 14130-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 18690/18620-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 18690-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 18590/18520-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 18590-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 29685/29620-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 29685-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 3490/3420-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 3490-99401 In stock
SKF 358X/354X/Q-SKF SKF Inch Single Row Taper Roller Bearing In stock
TIMKEN LM104949/JLM104910-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB LM104949-99402 In stock
TIMKEN 29675/29620-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 29675-99401 In stock
TIMKEN T201-TIMKEN TIM Tapered Roller Thrust Bearing T201-904A4 In stock
TIMKEN JLM506849/JLM506810-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB JLM506849-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 02872/02820-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 02872-99402 In stock
TIMKEN 1988/1922-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 1988-99401 In stock
TIMKEN HM88542/HM88510-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB HM88542-99401 In stock
SKF 1988/1922/Q-SKF SKF tapered roller bearing 28.58x57.15x19.85 In stock
TIMKEN 399A/394A-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 399A-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 99600/99100-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 99600-99401 In stock
TIMKEN LM67000LA/LM67048/LM67010-TIMK TIM Inch TRB LM67000LA-902B6 In stock
TIMKEN 07087X/07210X-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 07087X-99403 In stock
TIMKEN M88043/M88010-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB M88043-99405 In stock
TIMKEN 529X/522-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 529X-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 25590/25520-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 25590-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 15123/15245-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 15123-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 25877/25820-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 25877-99402 In stock
TIMKEN HM88649/HM88610-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB HM88649-99408 In stock
TIMKEN L44600LA/L44643-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB L44600LA-902A1
TIMKEN 387A/382A-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 387A-99402 In stock
TIMKEN 11590/11520-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 11590-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 31593/31520-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 31593-99401 In stock
TIMKEN JH415647/JH415610-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB JH415647-99401 In stock
TIMKEN M802048/M802011-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB M802048-99403 In stock
TIMKEN 3984/3920-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 3984-99401 In stock
TIMKEN LM11749/LM11710-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB LM11749-99401 In stock
TIMKEN LL639249/LL639210-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB LL639249-9X057
TIMKEN L68149/L68111-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB L68149-99402 In stock
TIMKEN JM822049/JM822010-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB JM822049-99402 In stock
TIMKEN 32020X-TIMKEN TIM Metric TRB 32020X-9X026 In stock
TIMKEN LM48548/LM48510-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB LM48548-99401 In stock
TIMKEN JM716649/JM716610-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB JM716649-9X064 In stock
TIMKEN JLM714149/JLM714110-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB JLM714149-9X064 In stock
TIMKEN LL225749/LL225710-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB LL225749-9X032 In stock
TIMKEN 6580/6535-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 6580-99401 In stock
SKF LM67048/010-SKF SKF Bearing In stock
TIMKEN 18790/18720-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 18790-99409 In stock
TIMKEN 07100S/07210X-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 07100S-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 3780/3720-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 3780-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 25580/25520-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 25580-99401 In stock
TIMKEN JRM4249-90UB9-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB JRM4249-90UB9 In stock
TIMKEN LM603049/LM603011-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB LM603049-99401 In stock
TIMKEN JM511946/JM511910-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB JM511946-9X041 In stock
TIMKEN HM88547/HM88510-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB HM88547-99402 In stock
TIMKEN LM503349/LM503310-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB LM503349-90404 In stock
TIMKEN 37431A/37625-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 37431A-9X024 In stock
TIMKEN LM67048/LM67010-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB LM67048-99401 In stock
TIMKEN HM803149/HM803110-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB HM803149-99407 In stock
TIMKEN L44649/L44610-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB L44649-99401 In stock
TIMKEN LM102949/LM102910-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB LM102949-99401 In stock
SKF LM11949/910/Q-SKF SKF tapered roller bearing 19.05x45.237x16.69 In stock
TIMKEN HM89449/HM89410-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB HM89449-99401 In stock
TIMKEN 37425/37625-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB 37425-9X089 In stock
TIMKEN M88048/M88010-TIMKEN TIM Inch TRB M88048-99406 In stock
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