Oldham couplings

Oldham Couplings are made up of three piece design, two aluminium hubs that press fit into a centre disk. Due to their flexibility, Oldham Couplings are generally considered to be a good starting point in system design.

  • Oldham couplingEase of use
  • Zero-backlash operation – Tenons on the hub locate in the slots on the disc which allow the Oldham coupling to operate with zero backlash
  • Application flexibility - Hubs can be clamp or set screw, keyed or keyless, (providing they are the same diameter) and have inch or metric bores. Disks are available in acetal for zero-backlash and high torsional stiffness, nylon for dampening, and PEEK for high temperature.
  • High parallel misalignment capabilities
  • Electrical isolation – No metal to metal contact, so delicate instruments can be protected from electrical currents
  • High parallel misalignment capabilities - Oldham couplings are capable of accommodating parallel misalignment up to 10% of their OD.
  • Blind assembly – Can be used where shaft access is limited
  • Mechanical fuse - In a torque overload situation, the disk will fail completely effectively stopping power transmission. This can be used to protect expensive system components from premature wear or failure.
  • Low replacement cost - When the coupling fails the disk breaks and is generally the only item that needs replacing. Disks are inexpensive and can be installed quickly leading to reduced downtime
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