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ACORN Saves Local Distillery from Coupling Failure Catastrophe

Whiskey bottles being transported along a production line

When faced with a critical coupling failure that threatened to halt production on a busy Saturday afternoon, ACORN’s Regional Sales Manager, Phil Mclaughlin, sprang into action to rescue a local distillery from a potentially sobering situation. With their premium line at risk, the customer faced a potential £30,000 in lost revenue.  

Recognising the urgency of the situation, Phil knew he couldn’t waste any time; thanks to his experience and extensive product knowledge, he immediately identified the part and swiftly procured the vital KTR Rotex coupling element needed to restore the distillery’s operations. Despite the challenges of a weekend schedule, Phil ensured that the part was dispatched promptly, with the aim of minimising downtime for the distillery. Thanks to ACORN’s extensive stock of Couplings and Phil’s proactive approach, the crucial element reached the distillery by 7:30 pm the same day.  

By acting quickly, Phil and ACORN not only averted what could have been a major financial setback, saving the customer over £5,000 in lost revenue, but also reaffirmed their reputation as reliable partners dedicated to keeping customers operational 24/7. In the face of adversity, ACORN’s customer-centric service means any challenge can be tackled to ensure the continued success of our customers. 

ACORN is available 24/7 via the Emergency out-of-hours number, check your local branch page for the best number to use in your area.