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Celebrating 50 years of Cooper Angle Plummer Blocks

SKF Cooper Bearing Angle Plummer Block

Many would argue that 1968 is the year that changed history. From the Vietnam war, to the civil rights movement, to the death of Martin Luther King Jr: 1968 changed the world forever.

1968 was also a revolutionary year in the world of engineering. It was the year that the first angle plummer block was invented, by Cooper bearings. It was originally created as a bespoke design for a cement kiln pinion shaft application.

50 years on, SKF Cooper are still leading innovation with their cutting-edge split-to-the-shaft bearing design. The original angled housing has now evolved into the SKF Cooper Quick-Change® Angled Plummer Block, thanks to the visionary product development which makes continuous improvements to the product performance and reliability.

Half a century of experience with angled pedestals means that SKF Cooper have been able to develop expertise ahead of competitors – none of whom were around when Cooper first pioneered the angled pedestal.

Exploded view of a Cooper Angle Plummer Block

Cooper Bearings’ state of the art machinery and on-site foundry means that research and development can easily be done from their base in King’s Lynn, with bespoke designs available with a quick turnaround.

The SKF Cooper Quick-Change® Angled Pedestal features a split-to-the-shaft assembly to allow easy inspection, maintenance, and re-fitting, along with an angled joint which allows the bearing to be slid under the shaft with no need for dismantling surrounding equipment. This helps to keep installation and replacement costs down, as well as reducing downtime and risk of personal injury.

The SKF Cooper Quick-Change® Angled Pedestal is available across Cooper’s standard range of SN, SD and SAF equivalent pedestal housings, with many lines in stock at ACORN for same day despatch.