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Featured App of the Month: NSK Troubleshooting (Bearing Doctor) App

Identify potential damage and failures in your rolling bearings before they happen, saving you valuable time and money!

Clive Reviews the New SKF Rolling Bearing Catalogue

Resident bearing expert, Clive reviews the long awaited catalogue from SKF. Find out what's new and what's great about this edition.

SKF Authenticate app

Featured App of the Month: SKF Authenticate

Do you think you may have a counterfeit SKF product?

Canning factory production line

Taking The contamination out of lubrication: Lubricant safety for the Food and Beverage industry

Lubrication is a major challenge within the food and beverage industry. Frequent high-pressure washdowns mean that lubrication is often washed out of the bearings and re-lubrication is required on a regular basis.

Unique 2D Laser Code Provides Traceability For NSK Super Precision Bearings

Designed to provide a quality guarantee, full traceability and act as an anti-counterfeit measure, NSK's state-of-the-art production facility in Newark, UK is laser marking its Super Precision bearings...

A powerful energy saving solution ideal for industrial fans, blowers and conveyors

SKF has introduced a new E2 Energy Efficient Spherical Roller Bearing. The new bearing, which significantly enhances energy efficiency by reduced bearing friction and energy consumption, is ideal for...

New SKF extreme temperature bearing operates at 350°C without re-lubrication

SKF has announced the introduction of a new Extreme Temperature Bearing. The new bearing features a graphite cage which lubricates the bearing up to temperatures of 350°C - without the need for re-lubrication.The...

SKF launches new sensor bearing

SKF launches a new sensor bearing with improved protection against power surges. Typically used in electric motors, the new bearing has an in-line electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filter that protects...

How are the balls in ball bearings made?

The process to make a ball inside a ball bearing perfectly smooth and spherical every time is surprisingly neat.

Detecting failure in railway bearings

Detecting failure in railway bearings is notoriously hard but innovations in equipment are making monitoring increasingly precise.