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Your invitation to the virtual launch of SKF Food Line ball bearing units

As a preferred supplier for SKF Food Line, we would like to invite you to the virtual conference and launch of SKF’s new Food Line ball bearing units on the 30th January 2019.

Manufacturer App of the Month: SKF Seal Select App

Similar to the SKF Bearing Calculator, the SKF Seal select App helps with the seal selection process depending on the application parameters users input. Find out our top reasons for loving this App!

The Engineers Guide to Essential Maintenance

What's in your maintenance cupboard? Our Bearings & Maintenance Products Expert, Clive Simkins has put together his guide to essential maintenance tools you should have in your cupboard.

Manufacturer App of the Month: SKF DialSet

Reduced downtime and potential bearing damage by using the SKF DialSet App to accurately set up your automatic lubrication system.

6 Reasons to Choose an Omega Coupling

The Rexnord Omega coupling is a flexible tyre coupling from Rexnord that can be used on many applications, most commonly compressors and industrial fans. But why should you choose this coupling for your application?


Three Ways That Split Bearings Can Help The Recycling Industry

The recycling industry is a particular challenge when it comes to component selection. Split bearings are a revolutionary product for this industry. Read more to find out why.

Bearing Damage

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bearings

There is no denying that bearings are under a lot of stress. This stress causes wear, eventually leading to bearing failure. But is this inevitable? Or is there a way to make bearings last longer?

Screw Conveyor

Lucky Break For Recycling Plant Thanks To ACORN

Clive recently had a call from a recycling plant who were struggling with excessive downtime on their spiral auger. Find out how he solved their problems, optimising their uptime and reducing the risk of injury in the plant.

KTR bored and keyed couplings

Don’t Get Bored Of Waiting: KTR Bored and Keyed Couplings Now In Stock At ACORN

At ACORN, we don't think you should have to choose between long lead times and paying over the odds for your bored and keyed couplings.

Camozzi Cylinder

Five Reasons To Choose A Camozzi Cylinder For Your Mining and Quarrying Application

Products used in the mining and quarrying industry need to be robust and durable in order to stand up to the harsh conditions which are common in this environment. How can you be sure that Camozzi pneumatic cylinders are right for you?