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How to keep your cool when fitting a bearing

There are many methods of fitting a bearing – some safer and more effective than others. The most reliable methods are generally considered to be heat, oil injectors and bearing fitting toolkits. However, the most appropriate method for each situation will depend on the size of the bearing, accessibility and the surrounding environment.

Choosing the optimum method for fitting a bearing and avoiding some of the less conventional approaches such as naked flames or brute force, can help to prevent premature bearing failure. 16% of premature bearing failures can be attributed to poor fitting methods, so ensuring that you use the recommended method to mount your bearing can make a huge difference to its service life.

Bearing heaters are designed to quickly, safely and effectively heat bearings for fitting. When a bearing is heated, the inner diameter expands, allowing the bearing to be easily slid onto the shaft and into position. Generally, a 90oC temperature difference between the bearing and shaft is sufficient for mounting.

SKF’s TWIM 15 portable induction heater has been specially designed to heat bearings which are mounted onto the shaft with an interference fit. It is suitable for use with bearings up to 20kg in mass, an outer diameter of 320mm and an overall width of 85mm.

Its compact and lightweight design means that it can be easily transported around the site to mount bearings on a range of applications. No support yokes are required for use, further lightening the load for transportation.

This innovative heater is able to automatically detect the bearing size and heat it appropriately. It has an in-built automatic temperature monitor which indicates to the user when the bearing reaches the correct temperature, avoiding overheating the bearing which could cause damage.

SKF has designed this bearing heater to be as user-friendly as possible, with an easy to read LED control panel. No special training is required to operate the heater, thanks to its intuitive design.

The TWIM 15 portable induction heater operates quietly, making it ideal for use in environments where noise pollution is a concern. A range of power levels can be selected, making it ideal for heating a wide variety of bearings.

At ACORN, we hold stock of both the 110V and 230V varieties of the SKF TWIM 15 portable induction heater, meaning that you can have your product in your hands the same day. Contact your local knowledgeable sales team today to find out more about this innovative bearing heater.