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If Harsh Conditions are Impacting Your Power Transmission: V-Belts for the Aggregates Industry

Machinery excavating aggregates in a quarry

The demanding conditions in mines and quarries are some of the toughest found in any industry. From high contamination to extreme loads, machinery can fail if components are not up to the task, causing hours of unplanned downtime and lost production, not to mention the potential for serious injury.

Dirty, hot, abrasive conditions coupled with the sheer amount of power needed to drive applications such as excavators, loaders, mixers and sifters means parts can also quickly wear out and fail. Due to the excessive loads endured by v-belts in the aggregates industry, one common issue facing maintenance engineers is belt stretch, which can lead to inefficiencies in power transfer and ultimately increases in power consumption.

Due to these arduous conditions, it is ideal to use a high-performance v-belt that requires little to no maintenance. This is where the Optibelt Red Power 3 V-belts excels. Constructed from a transverse fibre blend above and below the tension cord means stability that creates a highly stretch resistant belt, even under high power requirements, eliminating the need to re-tension belts whilst providing extended service life!

Compared to a standard V-belt, Red Power 3 is ideal for extreme conditions and high power requirements, with 50% more power capacity than industry standard V-belts offering longer run time along with the added advantage of fewer belts being required.

Unplanned downtime can last for days in the aggregates industry and can cause havoc, not only for costs but for worker safety. Ensuring you have the right components for your application can save precious time and energy, increase efficiency, increase safety and decrease unwanted and unplanned maintenance costs.