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SKF Introduces IMx-8 For Compact Machine Health Monitoring

IMx-8 Unit

SKF have unveiled their new Multilog online machine health monitoring system, IMx-8. This smaller condition monitoring system provides a complete system for early fault detection, allowing maintenance to be carried out proactively to reduce downtime.

IMx-8 allows up to 8 rotating components to be continuously monitored, alerting the user if the conditions begin to deviate from the normal parameters. It is able to integrate easily with other IMx units, for a wider picture of machine health across the business.

The compact design of IMx-8 provides increased flexibility, thanks to its compact design which allows it to be fit into smaller spaces than its predecessors, and integrated into existing instrumentation cabinets. Around the size of a book, IMx-8 weighs only 450g, making it one of the smallest complete condition monitoring systems on the market.

With 4GB of internal data storage, IMx-8 is capable of storing up to a year of data. It has 2 digital and 8 analogue channels, with power and communications available over ethernet. The standalone mode also allows for configuration and data access through a mobile device or laptop.

IMx-8 is fully certified for the marine and wind industries, and can be housed in an IP65 enclosure for further protection from harsh environments.

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