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SKF Release Next Generation of Maintenance Solutions

SKF is a market leader in product innovation, particularly in machine maintenance. This has been highlighted by SKF’s new generation of maintenance equipment; the range introduces five new innovative products alongside the release of essential updates for some existing products.

In this article, we will provide a brief overview of these products and their features and benefits.

TMBH 5 Portable Bearing Heater

The TMBH 5 Portable Induction Heater is among the new releases and is SKF's most compact induction heater to date. Used to heat and mount roller bearings onto a shaft with an interference fit, the heater can be used anywhere from a workbench to out in the field. It is ideal for maintenance and service jobs requiring a quick and portable solution for mounting bearings.

TKBA 31 Belt Alignment Tool

New for the maintenance of pulleys and sprockets is the TKBA Belt Alignment Tool, considered the ‘pro’ version of the belt alignment tool range. Comprised of 2 units, one that emits a laser and one that receives it, the unit can be easily attached to either the inside or outside face of a belt pulley or chain sprocket. The tool allows for simultaneous adjustment of tension and alignment of equipment and is delivered with tension checkers and wear check gauges to help detect early wear and misalignment.

TKST 21 Stethoscope

Keeping a check on the condition of your machinery is essential for ensuring the longevity of components while minimising the risk of unplanned downtime. The TKST 21 allows users to listen in depth to their bearing's performance and includes a headset and two probes with a large, user-friendly colour display. The recording feature allows users to capture noises and store them on the device and can be compared to pre-recorded audio samples of the most common problematic bearing noises.

LGNL 2 General Purpose Bearing Grease

Following the shortage of lithium, SKF has produced a completely Lithium-free high-performance bearing grease for reduced cost to the customer. Best used in applications with high loads, the LGNL 2 grease offers top performance alongside excellent water and corrosion resistance.

LAPB 3/4CK Chain Lubrication Set

The LAPB Chain Lubrication Set has been designed to take the labour out of lubricating chain. The brush evenly distributes the chain oil supplied as the system is running to penetrate the thin clearance between chain parts, thus lubricating the chain effectively.  The set attaches to SKF’s System 24 Automatic Lubricators, meaning that it is suitable for chain drives working in hard-to-reach locations, whilst the system lubricates chains over a set amount of time without interference.

SKF Axios

The latest addition to SKF’s condition monitoring portfolio, SKF Axios is an easy-to-use entry into condition monitoring of rotary equipment, acting as a first line of defence for machinery. This fully automated sensor is always on, meaning it can detect anomalies in temperature or vibration around the clock, alerting the user on their phone, tablet, or PC if they need to take action. The system is also scalable, allowing many sensors and unlimited gateways to be added to the network.


Not only has SKF released a whole range of new items, but some tools in their existing portfolio have also been updated.

TKSA 31 & 41

The TKSA 31 & 41 has seen some essential software updates to correct the identified issues and will now be connected via a USB-C connection.

TKBA 10 & 20

The TKBA 10 & 20 have changed names and are now referred to as TKSA 11 & 21 to reflect the introduction of the TKSA 31.

As SKF Maintenance Product Partners, ACORN has the stock and expertise to assist with any maintenance queries. Our in-house product specialists can assess your needs and offer the optimum solution specifically for your machine.